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SLO Day 4 part 4

...Onward to the Choir's Choice round, where we thought we had the most varied rep. Pin & needles again! Third place - the San Francisco Filipino choir...we were at least second! Second place - Imusica Cappella! OH MY GOSH! I was two seats away from Dan and he looked extremely shocked and said "We won first?!? We actually got first?!?" Of course we stood & cheered for Imusica Cappella as they filed over to sing, and many of them were telling us congratulations on their walk forward to sing. Then there it was - first place The Choral Project! Since we were going to sing War Song we had to move the awards table out of the way as we heard the emcee egg us on by reiterating our mission is to heal the world through song...haha! Dan explained again that it's a song of intimidation instead of violence then we did it again...twice onstage in one day is quite a workout & a lot of adrenaline rush!

Backstage at intermission was a flurry of congratulating each other and lots of photos of smiling faces & new friends. We went back on in sections - a chant of "Altos! Altos!" was heard! - and blew off the roof singing the two compulsory pieces with almost 300 voices combined. Then we sang This is My Song to the tune of Finlandia with the pipe organ AND the whole packed house of audience joining on the final verse. The words were praying for peace among all nations, so quite a moment. Our host Gary Lamprecht of the Vocal Arts choir, whose dream it has been to host this festival, got up, thanked everyone and said "That is how the world SHOULD be!" to rousing applause from everyone. Then he also said "I think we should all take on the Choral Project's mission to heal the world through music!" to more cheers. Yay! Onward to the after party at the Madonna Inn!

The Madonna Inn is famous for its theme rooms, like a laser-triggered waterfall urinal in the men's bathroom, a stone grotto for the telephone, and I didn't even see any of the actual bedrooms. When we got there it was already packed, so we went to the upstairs bar instead. To save myself the line time later I got a double amaretto sour...yummy! Back downstairs where it was a packed dance floor with a DJ, which was fun, but if I knew it would be that kind of party I probably would have done more chatting with other choirs at the BBQ in the afternoon, since it was too loud with all the dance music. However, it was a lot of fun to dance! Great way to blow off the steam & energy of the competition, since we were ALL DONE - woohoo! We were kicked out at midnight, so back to the dorms, but most of us were too awake still to go to bed. Again it was chats in various dorm rooms, until I packed it in at 2:30am to get to sleep. We had to check out by 9am you know!
Tags: choral project, music, travel

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