brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

home again!

This morning at breakfast I said hi to a couple of the Santa Rosa choir guys I danced with at the party, but the other choirs weren't around, so I still didn't get the chance to give away my alto necklace. :( I do have a Finnish email to send photos, and I heard we got contact info for the Ugandans to make more necklaces to send to them. Best of all, the Basque choir is doing a concert on Friday night in South San Francisco at the Basque Cultural Center, so we're trying to get as many of us together as possible to go see them! :D It also sounds like there will be a bunch of Vocal Arts members driving up from SLO to hear our concerts! They specifically told us that and asked when our next concerts are! I happened to have a Choral Project magnet in my folder so I gave it to them to be sure they had our URL to check for next season's events. Yes, I'm a good little choir marketing girl whenever I can! ;)

We had a fairly uneventful and quick bus ride home, but before we got on the freeway, they decided some of our $500 first place award could go to paying for Starbucks for the entire bus...which was only $100.05 exactly so we still have some prize money left! Back home & back to reality, but since the rest of today is still official vacation time for me, I'm not checking work email unless they CALL me...tomorrow reality will set in like a ton of bricks, but I can enjoy the rest of today at least!

Hope everyone had as fabulous a weekend as we did! :D
Tags: choral project, music, travel

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