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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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party press!
australia, ocean
This article came out today, for the Contra Costa Times and Oakland Tribune:

Pigging out at Hogwarts

NBC11 will be coming to my house 11am on Friday to interview me in my decor - ack! All you Bay Area crew, set your Tivos for the news! Hope I don't sound stupid! :P

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Just smile a lot and speak slowly and you will be great.


(Deleted comment)
Britta, you are an original, creative and meticulous miracle of a woman! I admire your many creations. Have a great time at the upcoming Harry Potter event. Your Butterbeer recipe sounds like the most authentic recreation of that beverage. Enjoy!!


Spotted the Contra Costa [absolutely no other possibility] Times article submitted to Difgg by Louie: http://digg.com/movies/Feasts_of_magic_Treats_for_reading_through_the_night_Harry_Potter



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