brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,


Oh my gosh...NBC11 just called and their feature reporter really wants to do the story but he's the live at 10am guy, so he'll be here with the truck & broadcast mast at 9:30!!! I gotta set my alarm to be hair & makeup ready before they get here!

So please everyone local, set your Tivos for NBC11 for 10am, and she said it'll be on a LOT, at 5pm, 11pm, maybe Saturday too!

*breathe, breathe*

Done with 11 chocolate cakes to make up the cake cliffs, all the gingerbread castle buildings are assembled except for each roof, but entire display still needs assembly...going to the grocery store now for the last fresh provisions..I usually do that the night before, but since NBC11 wants to see some food mocked up in the morning, I'm going now!
Tags: harry potter, hogwarts, parties

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