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Detours off Britta Blvd


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NBC11 Interview - watch @ 5pm, 6pm & 11pm!
After going to sleep at 5am (ugh!) I set my alarm for 8am so I could iron my white shirt for my Gryffindor student uniform while my eyes were waking up enough for my contact lenses. Still in my bathrobe at 9am, at my door arrives Kevin, aka Kevvy the House-Elf who already cut all the butterbeer labels for me last Saturday, saying "I thought you'd like someone to take photos during the interview since I'm sure you'll want to blog this!" AWESOME - you read my mind, Kevin! Thank you SO much!!! :D

As I was frantically trying to make myself camera-ready by 9:30, I missed my phone that due to the 4.0 earthquake in Oakland this morning the live reporter & crew were sent up there instead, but they'd still be sending a camera & reporter hopefully by 10:30 for a later edited spot. At least I was ready & had extra time, plus they can edit me & chop out anything stupid...heh! I think it went well, they were impressed with all my stuff ("have you thought of doing parties for a living?" was unfortunately off-camera!), Kevin agreed I sounded fine (whew!), and they have way more footage of course than I'm sure they'll be able to use. The plan is they will edit together a segment, and whoever the reporter is live at whatever local bookstore line they choose, they'll report, then cut to my interview, but unsure yet whether 5pm, 6pm, 11pm or all three. My Tivo is set for all three, but I don't have an easy way of exporting from the Tivo, so I hope one of my more up-to-date AV-geek friends will catch it on an exportable format! Mary Ann Favreau (sp?) is the reporter, and she made sure to get my URL correct since she said they'll be linking it on NBC11.com. I mentioned about my Google #1 status for Halloween Recipes and she said "We'll have to remember you for Halloween!" haha...!

NBC11 Interviewing Britta - July 20th

I'm on too much adrenaline to take a nap, and my dragon costume isn't ready yet and I wanted to wear it to the bookstore tonight...still have to finish the last ice cream cone spires on the edible Hogwarts castle, which was used as the backdrop for my interview. That was totally worth the lack of sleep to have it so ready for TV, even though it's not quite complete! :D

Party tomorrow & plenty to do! Everyone enjoy their weekend, HP-related or otherwise!

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Wow, awesome! Congrats! :D

*waves hello* This is May, Jen's friend. I'm going to set my TiVo boxes to record all three showings. One box has a DVD burner, so I can export fairly easily.

See you tonight at the bookstore (or if not, tomorrow at the party).

bring the DVD to the party if you can, I'd love to see!

Congrats Britta, you celebrity you!

I wish I could see the interview!!! Got a YouTube account?

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