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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Year Seven photos so far
We're still collecting party photos from people, plus I did clean up the absolutely necessary stuff, but decided to relax & read vs. thoroughly clean up & take decor photos yesterday (no spoilers please since I'm only 2/3rds through!) but there are quite a few good pix here already:


I don't have the video yet of my news spot, but when I do & get it posted, I'll let everyone know... :)

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Thanks for the inspiration!

Britta, it's all your fault! When my library decided to have a Harry Potter Party for the midnight release of Book 7, I found your site and previous parties and used them as inspiration for the decor at our party. We had around 250 guests and volunteers for our biggest and most successful fundraising event in the history of the Library! So THANKS! If you'd liks to see some of OUR pictures, go to www.derry.lib.nh.us and click on the obvious link! Sherry Bailey, Adult Services Librarian, Derry Public Library, Derry, NH (PS -- Your recent party looks fantastic! Can't get over the gingerbread Hogwarts and the Chocolate Frog Card frame!

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