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done reading!

Without spoiling anyone, I had four major plot points guessed correctly, but I think they were obvious ones that a lot of people had also guessed anyway...lots that I don't think we could ever have guessed in advance based on lack of clues given in previous books, which is fine since it'd be not nearly as much fun if we could guess EVERYTHING! Definitely a good read! No sniffles for me this book, but there were a few vocal outbursts that had Kylie looking at me funny... ;)

What were the four I pegged? SPOILER WARNING!!!

- Snape loved Lily

- Dumbledore made Snape promise to kill him (but I didn't know why)

- Snape was ultimately good (50/50 chance tho - heh!)

- Harry would have to sacrifice himself and willingly "march to the guillotine," ala Tale of Two Cities. However, I was afraid the sacrifice would stick, so I'm glad it didn't. I have been really afraid I wouldn't like the ending of the series, ever since I read several years ago that Tale of Two Cities was one of JKR's favorite books.

Oh and best quote ever? "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!" :D

Also, does everyone have an ink blot towards the bottom of page 715? I have two copies at my house and both of them have the same blot...wondering if that's only in the batch I got or all the US copies?

Now for some sleep! Party cleaning will commence tonight!
Tags: harry potter

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