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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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on my way!
australia, ocean
This afternoon I board Virgin Airlines, fly to Heathrow, transfer to British Airways to Oslo, then arrive in Norway tomorrow evening! This is my first trip to my "ancestral homeland" and I'm excited! The reason for going is to celebrate the first anniversary of a fellow Halloween fan from Norway who found my website awhile ago, and we've become online friends. She got married last year and they're having the reception in Sweden August 11th, so what a great reason for me to finally visit! :) My ancestors are over 100 years back, so all I know really is that my dad's family is from Visby, Gotland, so I'm going there, and my grandmother thinks her mother is from near Lillehammer. I'm just going to see as much as I can see!

I might be checking two bags on the way there, which is a first! So much cider, jam, beef jerky & another gift is making my suitcase about 10lbs over, and I've tried limiting what else I'm bringing...we'll see what they say, since I do have my duffle bag packed, so if they make me, I can repack some clothes & shoes at checkin.

I should have internet just about everywhere I'm staying, so I hope to blog with photos during the trip. Wish me luck!

Britta's Scandinavian Itinerary

Wed Aug 1st
Arrive OSL 19:45
overnight @ First Hotel Millenium

Thurs Aug 2nd
8am train Oslo-Trondheim
Trondheim overnight @ Thon Hotel Trondheim

Fri Aug 3rd
10am Hurtigruten cruise along fjord coast from Trondheim-Bergen
overnight on board M/S Polarlys

Sat Aug 4th
Arrive in Bergen
Edvard Grieg’s House
Bergen overnight @ Steens Hotel

Sun Aug 5th
8am train Bergen-Oslo via Norway in a Nutshell (Voss, Gudvangen, Flåm, Myrdal)
Oslo overnight @
First Hotel Millenium (again)

Mon Aug 6th
Train Oslo-Stockholm
Arrive in Stockholm
Absolut Ice Bar @ Nordic Sea Hotel?
Stockholm overnight @ Adlon Hotel

Tues Aug 7th
Ferry from Nynäshamn outside Stockholm to Visby, Gotland for the medieval festival
Stockholm overnight @ Adlon Hotel

Wed Aug 8th
Gripsholm Castle?
Depart Stockholm 6.10 express train to Skövde (2 h)
Evening - Arrive in Skara
overnight @ Skara Stadshotell

Thurs Aug 9th - Sat Aug 11th
In Skara - wedding reception Saturday the 11th
still @ Skara Stadshotell

Sun Aug 12th
Leave Skara
Drive back to Norway w/ Teje, Tobias & baby Sixten

Mon Aug 13th - Fri Aug 17th
Staying at Teje's house - sightseeing around Norway and Oslo

Sat Aug 18th
Get to OSL by 3pm for checkin
British Airways Depart OSL 17:00 Arrive LHR 18:20
stash luggage in a locker @ Heathrow
take the tube to Notting Hill to the Windsor Castle Pub for Addelstones vs. Brittahyttta Brewery cider taste test
spend night @ LHR

Sun Aug 19th
checkin 9am
Virgin Atlantic VS19 Depart LHR 11:00 Arrive SFO 13:50

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Good Luck!

I'm sorry I didn't call yesterday. Had an emergency with Adam - ended up having to take him to the ER and 2 different doctors. So it was a long day!

Can't wait to hear about your trip. Hope the travel went fine.


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