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Hurtigruten Cruise from Trondheim to Bergen

Thank goodness it wasn't this weather the entire cruise! I can imagine it would be impressive since we're navigating through lots of islands right now, but they're just big gray blobs out the panorama window through the rivulets streaming down the windows. It has been blustery rain and rocky waves all Saturday morning, so much that even though I had intended on eating another good breakfast, by the time I finished packing & getting ready at a consistent 20 degree angle sideways, my appetite was gone. The Caribbean hurricane Roxanne I was in on that cruise in 1995 was still worse, but this has been bad enough I won't risk reading which would make me really ill! It's still raining but calm enough to jot down notes on my Treo for posting later. I just ate my last couple pieces of lefse for breakfast. At least Friday it was beautiful!

Hurtigruten Cruise along central Norway

I got up fairly well-rested, ate a quick but full breakfast, including some brunost on tasty whole grain bread, and got my cab to the dock in plenty of time. I'm so glad I did, since it was quite a hike further than back to the train station! Leaving Trondheim it was overcast, but within an hour or so the clouds were breaking revealing blue sky so I took a lot of photos. We were moving quickly enough that it was really windy & chilly out on deck even in the sun, plus the smokers had to be outside, so my day was spent bundled up in my scarf and new Nathania-knitted birthday hat reading The Golden Compass in a deck chair until either I got too chilly or a smoker came and stood next to me, then I'd go inside for awhile until the scenery changed again for more photos. Inside it was sunny enough through the windows that I couldn't keep my eyes open and dozed like a cat. I didn't think I could sleep so much!

I thought the dinner looked more interesting to splurge on than lunch, so I ate my elg ost and lefse for lunch which was tasty. We were due to dock in Kristiansund from 4-5:30, but we left Trondheim half an hour late so we didn't arrive until 5pm, and the gangway said leaving at 5:15 so no quick offshore excursion for me. Close to the coast and between island and fjords the waters were fairly calm so I had no problems even reading, but the schedule warned of open seas between Kristiansund and Molde, and it was already starting to get rocky enough I was getting queasy, so I decided to nip it in the bud and do what lasted me through the hurricane - lying down with my eyes closed in my cabin. By the time the worst was over I had a good rest and a good appetite for the second seating of dinner at 8:30pm.

Dinner was worth the expense and I was hungry by then! The starter was grilled scallop with carrot puree and sauce with "estragon" but I swear it tasted like cardamom to me. My one glass of house Viognier white wine lasted through the whole dinner, but I drained about half a liter of water! The entree was honey-glazed fillet of reindeer, potato puree and blueberry gravy, but there were also brussel sprouts and lingonberries. The reindeer was a very fine grain texture, almost closer to liver than to beef or the deer I had in Trondheim, but very tasty. I cleaned my plate, even the icky brussel sprouts! :)

Since we reached Molde during my dinner, I missed my next chance to go offship, but it was safer for my stomach eating while there was no chance of rocky waters anyway. I had a very nice window view for my dinner even though I was by myself. After dinner I wandered a bit taking some more photos, then camped out in the panorama room again to see the sun going away until about 11pm. No dramatic sunset since the skies were too clear, but I took photos anyway. It still wasn't all the way dark but I went back to my cabin anyway, took my shower and went to bed, but I didn't sleep very well between being paranoid I might miss my alarm, rocking waves, and odd loud ship noises.

Britta cruising the Norwegian coastline

I've typed this all in fits and spurts on my Treo between being forced by the waves to stop and close my eyes to keep my stomach from doing too many flips. No lunch for me either I think, so hopefully when we get to Bergen this afternoon I can find a snack on the way to Grieg's house then find another tasty dinner. Wish me luck!
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