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Sightseeing around Skara

Obviously the aquavit shots weren't so bad since I'm still typing my daily diary post before I'm going to sleep tonight! Although, about 4 shots of aquavit (yuck! I'd rather have vodka any day!), 2 bottles of cider, 3 shots of honey rum (yum!) and at least 20 crayfish later, I am feeling some alcohol. Let's just say I wouldn't drive in my current condition. ;)

Sightseeing around Skara

I was up, ready & breakfasted by 9:30am when Teje, Tobias & their Canadian friend Cassandra picked me up for our day of sightseeing around Skara. We stopped first at Varhnem Abbey, which was where Birger Jarl the first king of Sweden was crowned back in the 1100s or so. They've also been filming a $230 million budget movie there lately, the most expensive ever filmed in Scandinavia, about the Temple Knights, so we saw some fake stone walls put up just for the movie filming which was cool to see. We went next to the summit of Billingen to see the view of the surrounding area. On the way Teje picked some edible mushrooms, and we walked all the way to the trickle of a waterfall, where Tobias scared Cassandra by jumping over to stand on a cliff! It was a very nice view!

We kept driving to Hellekis Säteri, an old manor house that is still occupied but has beautiful gardens and a restaurant on the grounds. I had the biggest lunch I'd had yet, then we strolled the gardens, both Teje & I using the pamphlet trying to figure out the names of the plants we'd like to plant in our own gardens, especially the purple baby's breath type plant which we think is called Violruta, Thalictrum delawayii "Hewitt's Double." Next we continued on to where we were dropping Cassandra off before we reached the castle for the 3:30pm English tour. Unfortunately the sun woke me up around 6am, so I didn't feel as fresh for the day as I'd hoped, and since it was so humid and hot with 5 of us including a baby in the car all day, there were times I just couldn't keep my eyes open! When we arrived, we were offered rhubarb lemonade, which was very tasty & refreshing after the hot & muggy car ride, but we stayed just barely long enough to be about 2 minutes late for the tour of Läckö Slott. We rushed & caught up with the tour, and it was very interesting, including several teal-green rooms, but we weren't allowed to take photos inside. in a side room I sneaked a no-flash photo of a beautiful blue & gold tapestry I'd really like in my living room someday - heh! I also got more pastry inspiration from the medieval food displays.

By the time we left the Läckö Slott it was already 5:30, so we knew we'd be late for the crayfish dinner starting at 6pm, and we were all tired from our day of sightseeing, even Tobias, so they postponed dinner until 7pm, which gave us all a chance to breathe before dinner. I thankfully took a quick shower then a 30 minute session of resting my eyes to cool off before I went back out again, with Tobias' friend Jimmy, who I'd met the night before, picking me up at my hotel to get to Tobias' parents' house. The houses could almost have been British suburbs with all the brick houses, but there were more Swedish flags flying like the stars and stripes fly at home vs. I never see Union Jacks flying on private Britsh homes. Of course Tobias's parents fly a Norwegian flag whenever Teje visits! ;)

The crayfish were very tasty, more like crab than lobster, and more fussy to eat than crab because they are SO small! I did my share of the damage to the big piles of crayfish and contributing plenty to the shell bucket. I made the mistake of leaving my camera on the table while I found the toilet, but the R-rated photos from Reagan & Tobias have already been deleted! However, since Reagan was having fun with a cucumber growing on the vine and I dared him if he kept it up I'd take a photo that would end up on the internet, here it is! Ah, the wonders of digital photography! ;) Reagan & Jimmy walked me back to my hotel across town, a fairly early night since they both have to work in the morning. Since I'm still feeling my lack of sleep, that's just fine with me!

Teje & Britta at Billingen

Britta enjoying the crayfish party!

Tomorrow I'll be helping Teje with decorations for the party for Saturday, plus perhaps looking at a couple antique stores for any kitchen canisters for my mom, since there are quite a few stores in town here. They already told me I'm allowed to sleep in due to my sport with the aquavit, but I'd like to enjoy the hotel breakfast I paid for before 10am, so that's my plan for the morning!

Until next time!
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