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wedding party prep in Skara

I go on vacation but I'm still doing party'd that happen? ;) Well, I volunteered to help since I was traveling alone to attend the wedding party, so why not? I lettered their new mailbox per Teje's request, which took awhile but turned out very well thank goodness, and I arranged a fireplace display using old car mufflers Tobias wanted to display along with some candles. We'll see how that turns out when the candles are lighted before the party tomorrow. I also came up with a leaf idea for under some tealights on saucers that I will wait until tomorrow to do so they leaves will be fresh, plus helped Teje figure out how to hang the painted backdrop she's made for the wall. During the table setting & flower arranging I was helping by entertaining baby Sixten, leaving Teje to arrange what she wanted, which wasn't my usual way to help with a party, but it was helping nonetheless! ;)

Today was the first day I've gotten a full night's sleep my entire vacation! I was enjoying my leisurely morning by eating in my glasses just before breakfast closed, but Teje showed up talking to her oldest friend who was also staying at the hotel...haha! So much for my "no one will see me so I can safely wear my glasses" plan! I took my time getting ready, then took a few photos as I walked by the school & the church to get to the old smithy building where the party will be. I got there about 12:30 and stayed helping them there all the way until 5:15 when Teje & I went off antique shopping before they closed at 6pm. My mother has charged me with a mission for some old kitchen canisters that say flour, sugar, etc, in either Norwegian or Swedish, and Skara seems like a good place to look. The antique store across from my hotel had a couple, a 14-piece set for 2000 SEK (ack!) that she wouldn't separate and was cute but would really be overkill, but also a 200 SEK set of two Flour and Salt that was much cuter with much more rustic character, but pretty grimy inside. I took some photos and we headed to the other store that was by the old water tower which is Teje's dream to convert into a house someday, if the city would ever sell it, which is doubtful. It is a VERY cool place, and I could imagine it being an awesome house! She'll probably convert the water tower around the same time I get to build my own castle...heh...We made it to the other antique store before the hours said closed but it was dark and the door locked. As we stood there peeking in the windows, the owner was in his car, saw us, reparked & reopened the store for us. Good thing too since both Teje & I bought stuff from him, so it was worth his effort! We came back into town and strolled the old Fornbyn village outdoor museum display, with plenty of sod roofs and even gravestones. By then it was getting later, and more relatives were on their way, so we waited for Tobias and Reagan to meet us at the hotel where they said they were. We said outside for drinks and some food while more and more relatives and friends kept arriving and joining the table, unfortunately many of them smokers, including Teje's dad. Teje was really tired, getting annoyed with the smoke as much as me, and kept trying to get Tobias to leave for about an hour until finally around 11 they left, so I excused myself as well. I don't want to get sick from the smoke and ruin my trip like I did in Germany last year!

Britta holding baby Sixten - what a cutie!

Tomorrow Sixten will be baptized in Skara Domkyrka at noon, to which I am also invited so that will be fun, then the wedding party is at 5pm, so I'll be getting there early to help with the final party prep. I think I'll also be hitting the antique store to get those cuter canisters at 10am since she's open 10-2 tomorrow but not Sunday at all, but otherwise I'll be sleeping in again...hooray!

Until next time!
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