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Goodbye Sweden, hello again Norway

Gotta love Macs...we just unplugged the ethernet cable from the back of Teje & Tobias' Mac mini, plugged it into my laptop, and voila - internet again! :) It's been a more laid-back couple of days, but that's just fine to recover after the big party! :)

Goodbye Sweden, hello again Norway

I last updated on my way to breakfast Sunday morning after the big party. I sneaked in just as they were closing down as I intended, and Teje was there with a big table of friends & relatives already eating. They were planning on going over to the hall to clean up, so I said I'd meet them over there after I checked out. I got everything except the canisters back in my suitcase since that will require some serious repacking, asked the hotel to keep my luggage until the afternoon, then went over and helped clean up. Even though the photo Teje snapped of me later seems to imply otherwise, I did help a lot, getting all the candle mess in the fireplace taken care of, wax cleaned off of hall candleholders, the outside all picked up from various beer cans & broken glass, all the keepsakes safely stashed in their new mailbox, etc, etc! There were plenty of people helping by the time I leaned back on the couch! ;)

They had decided I could stay in the already packed house of Tobias' parents, so we picked up my luggage in the car, and headed over there, where we were all so tired, Teje with Sixten & I napped in their room and Tobias slept on his beloved couch. They decided that would be the easiest sleeping arrangement for the night too, so that was all good. We had a good nap until another crayfish party dinner with leftover smörgasbörd starting at 6pm with relatives for the sake of Tobias' niece Michelle who lives in Oslo. I wish I could have helped sing for her cute pink operatorte birthday cake with the #2 candle on top, but I don't know the words to the Swedish happy birthday song - darn! Michelle is quite a cutie but most definitely 2...whew! Sixten is easy in comparison since if he cries it's usually because he's hungry, so he's basically been either sweet or glued to Teje feeding. ;) We went to bed early since we were still all exhausted, but I did take photos of their garden in the evening before dinner. Ebba, Tobias' father, doesn't speak English, but he was showing me his grapes, tomatoes, and you already saw they have cucumber growing on the ceiling in their patio...makes me wish I liked to eat cucumber! ;)

I didn't unpack anything except my pajamas and toiletries I needed, so I was packed right away in the morning as of breakfast, but since Teje & Tobias have been there a whole week, plus they have all the baby stuff plus presents & leftovers, it took a couple hours to get everything packed & ready to go by noon. The poor 62 Ford Tobias bought about a month ago was so loaded Ebba got out his air compressor to pump up the tires! There was a tentative plan to take the long way home along the coast, but with the car so full, Tobias was worried about the car scraping on the coastal roads, so we went the direct way, stopping at a big mall at Uddavalle for a Swedish lunch of pytt i panna with lingon soda (yum!), and unsuccessfully trying to find an English copy of the Temple Knights book that's being turned into the movie being filmed in Skara, then it was back on the road again.

Since they've been gone from home for a week and Sweden is so much cheaper than Norway, we stopped at the giant MaxiMat grocery store just before the border back into Norway for shopping for dinner and other perishables for the week. I had to laugh since the imported Mexican section was MUCH larger than any Tesco I've been in! ;) Also, in the American Imports section, not only Hershey's syrup and Bulls-Eye BBQ sauce, but even sugar-free Jello, so I discussed with Teje how the lemon sugar-free is what I've recently been using for my Halloween eyeballs recipe. I had also asked Teje earlier in the week about Swedish fish candy, since I had no idea if they were really Swedish, or if that was some silly American name for them. She said she always saw them in candy shops but now since she said that we haven't found them anywhere! All we could find at the giant candy section in this store were assorted jelly candy fish...disappointing! haha...I'll someday have to google Swedish fish or there's probably already a wikipedia entry by now... ;)

We finally got to their house, unloaded the car, and Teje showed me around her garden while she checked everything's health from being gone with unknown weather...most everything was fine, and the sunflowers and pumpkin vines had even grown a couple feet. We had a yummy dinner of matjes-sill with boiled new potatoes in dill while watching TV. Matjes-sill is Swedish, and Teje said it's the last Swedish food I get, since now it's back to Norwegian! She wants some to be surprises, but I think she said she got some reindeer. She's even bought whale to barbecue so I hope I like it! :)

Britta with matching teal slushie at MaxiMat just before the Swedish-Norwegian border

If the weather is nice again tomorrow, we hope to see the old stone carving that's within walking distance, then maybe a trip to old Frederikstad. The plan for Oslo is Friday, since they have enough people we can all stay overnight with, that will be easier for me to get to the airport on Saturday, so that sounds like a plan to me.

Until next time!
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