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Strolling Around Sarpsborg

Another relaxing morning thankfully, breakfast with brunost & other cheese again, nice bread, yogurt & tea, then after drying my jeans the rest of the way with my hairdryer from doing laundry last night, Teje, Sixten & I were on our way to see how far we could walk.

Strolling Around Sarpsborg

We never did get to the town of Sarpsborg since that was the opposite direction from their house, but we took advantage of the beautiful weather after the rainy morning by walking 45 minutes to one of the largest Viking stone carvings in Norway. As you can see by the photo with me included for scale, it was very large! Teje pointed out the details of the drinking and the manly excitement on the figures, so I thought "carousing" could describe it fairly cleanly. I guess men never change? ;)

I was still up for more walking, so we continued along the farms onto a pathway through the trees along a large homestead with lots of run-down buildings, even a rusted out car. Some of the buildings you couldn't even see through all the greenery, and the giant Queen Anne's Lace plants twice as tall as me were something out of the dinosaur age! I thought the little red outbuilding was cute, but look at how the lifted supports are leaning so I'm surprised it's still standing at all. We kept going down the path, finding wild raspberries, blackberries, even tiny wild blueberries, but not many of those actually had berries still on, and even a mother lode of kanterelles, which I'm sure are chantrelle mushrooms but I still need to check. Tobias loves those mushrooms on toast, so he was happy to see the bag we brought back from our walk.

We got back into the residential area, where I saw more sod roofs for Mom in one yard, and we stopped at the local market for the ingredients Teje forgot to buy yesterday. I found potatlefse prepackaged rolled up, so I bought that plus some canned pear cider to go with my meals the rest of the week. Since the weather was still nice when we got back, and we don't know if that'll be true the rest of the week, we decided tonight was the night to barbecue the whale steak. It came frozen in a small packaged block, and from what I've read it's the non-endangered minke whale, which the Norwegian government allows a strict quota to be harvested each year. Teje had fried whale steak before but not barbecued, so she sliced it into 1/4" thick strips and seasoned it lightly, and it was tasty with a texture like very lean steak, going nicely with the creamy potato salad she made. From the BBQ we also had grilled onions in balsamic vinegar, and mushrooms with feta cheese and tandoori spice, neither of the side dishes traditional Norwegian, but tasty all the same! We enjoyed the chilly but nice evening by eating outside in our jackets while Teje & I discussed the virtues of firepits while we stood around their small kettle BBQ, then we watched a movie, then sleep.

Britta with Sixten and the big Viking stone carving near Sarpsborg

Tomorrow we'll try Frederikstad, then we'll see what else the day holds. Until next time!
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