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rain rain go away!

This morning gave us no incentive to get out of bed, let alone leave the house, since it was awful blustery rain! Teje & I finally left with Sixten around noon, after I got a lesson on all the quirks of the ancient 1962 Ford, since I was to be the driver today since Teje has no license and Tobias wasn't coming with us. No power steering, and it was probably a long as our old 1977 Chevy van, so it wasn't so bad, but I did err on the side of caution on the curves due to the rain and the baby in the car!

A little rain won't make us melt...

First we went to Frederikstad, where Sixten was the only one who remained dry in the wind & rain, since his stroller had a nifty rain cover with plastic window. I managed to take some photos of the cute houses, including one where Teje used to live, even though the rain was making it difficult to keep my lens dry. Thank goodness Teje had an extra rain jacket for me to use today! We peeked in a couple antique stores, and we even got lucky to get inside the church where Teje & Tobias got married last year, and where Teje is a member of the choir. The church usually isn't open on weekdays but a guy was painting the front door so we were able to take a peek. A very pretty church & a cool pipe organ! :) Across from the church is the town museum, so I looked around while Teje fed Sixten, thankful to get out of the wind & rain. We saw the military fort, grabbed some pastries for a snack at a bakery, then saw the prison with its cool tower before heading back to the car. Even though the weather was even worse, we decided to continue on to Halden where the large fortress is.

Along the way we saw more stone carvings where Teje had been before, squelching our shoes on the muddy path, with her carrying Sixten in the drizzle, but he didn't seem to mind at all. They paint the carvings red so they can be seen easier, and this place had a whole lot of intricate carvings, and icons of fertility displayed again. ;) We kept going, then saw another "ancient monument" sign called Hunnfeltet, so we stopped to see, and found the largest amount of stone circles in Norway, nine all in one clearing of beautiful blooming heather! Teje had never been there either, and the rain was light enough to not get drenched!

By the time we arrived up the hill at Fredriksten Festning, the fortress on top of the hill at Halden, the rain had stopped, with wind still, and no actual blue sky, but worth the wait for a great view and not getting soaked. Its location and arrangement reminded me of Edinburgh Castle, the way it is situated above the town up on the crags, and several levels of ramparts along the cliffs. We walked the whole fortress, but since the armory musem was closed we didn't get inside the wall which would have been cool. The cutest little gray kitten was following people around, and I got a photo one of the few moments it was still enough, then there were some silly "ghost tour" signs for kids that we saw, including one that has given me inspiration for a new Halloween drink: Hekseskudd = A Shot of Witchcraft :)

We got back to the house around 7pm or so, with Jimmy having arrived from Skara to visit Tobias in the afternoon, so we watched the boys play some really silly game on his Wii he brought over, and Teje cooked reindeer with some of the mushrooms we picked yesterday in a cream sauce with onions and brunost that was great with boiled potatoes. Another delicious dinner that was very welcome after our long day. Tobias apologized in advance for being rude but it was his house and he wanted to lick his plate it was so good, so he did...haha! :)

Britta by nine stone circles in heather at Hunnfeltet

Tomorrow we're going shopping by 2pm for a big sale they can't miss, and the weather will probably determine the rest of the day. Friday will be Oslo, so I have to be repacked before then, trying to figure out how to arrange all the breakables in my new suitcase then all the soft stuff in my duffle bag...wish me luck!
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