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Tales of Thursday

Since I repacked earlier today, tonight has been computer night! Tobias was looking for the punk covers we'd listened to in the car today and loading them into my laptop, while I was figuring out why Teje could never run iChat on their Mini...well iChat was corrupted somehow and they don't have their Tiger install disks, so I was able to copy iChat from my laptop to CD and load it onto their machine fine...we're just stuck trying to edit the all accounts name from Tobias back to Teje! Ah well...after such a stormy night and morning, it had cleared up to beautiful again by lunchtime...why couldn't that have been yesterday too? heh... ;)

Tales of Thursday

Teje works 30 miles away in Moss for Helly Hansen, a clothing manufacturer of outdoor workwear and similar, and they were having a warehouse clearance sale today at 2pm, so we went and braved the crowds. I looked but only saw a little toolbag I thought might be practical for so cheap, plus a pair of the socks Teje wanted so badly, but nothing else for me. Tobias found plenty, and Teje found some other practical clothes too, so I mostly watched Sixten outside the tent in his stroller, avoiding the slow-moving packed crowds. We were finally on the road again over an hour later, headed for Smart Club, the Norwegian version of Costco, but you're not required to have a membership, just you get better prices with one. There was crab on sale supposedly but they were out, and Tobias had been told they sometimes have good prices on Mac hardware, and he's been thinking about a second Mini to use as a media server in the living room for music & videos. I found the closest to my mom's lefse yet, which was "farmers lefse" larger and thinner, so I bought some to take home, a little can of berry cider to try, and a sparkly tank top that will serve as my tshirt souvenir since I haven't found one I liked yet. We also finally found red candy fish, but they were just called "strawberry fish" not Swedish fish, and it was Norway, so does that count? ;)

Tobias was still on the hunt for crab, but never found any even though we stopped at another store in our travels to the other stone circle in Råde. It was only two circles, but the stones were larger, so Teje & I "communed" with them, a la my Avebury stone experience back in 1996 & again in 2006... ;) There were also wild blueberries AND wild lingonberries, so I finally got to see lingon in the wild...hooray! :) We got back home, enjoyed the fading light a bit while Tobias mowed the lawn again and tackled pruning the front hedge, then Teje cooked potatoes again with fläsk and bruna bonor, Swedish thick bacon with brown beans, one of Tobias' favorites. It was very tasty, and it was my last homemade meal of the trip!

Britta communing with the Stone Age in another Viking stone circle

Tomorrow will be the earliest morning yet, since Teje, Sixten & I will be taking the bus to Oslo as early as we can, hoping to get there before 10am and it's almost 2 hours by bus, then Tobias will bring my luggage in the car later in the day and meet up with us then. The original overnight plan was to farm us out to various family, but all the apartments are small and undergoing remodeling, so I guess it's another hotel to be determined. This way also gives us Saturday until about 2pm to sightsee too, since the train to the airport from downtown Oslo only takes about half an hour and I'll already be there. I probably won't update until Saturday night when I'm spending the night at Heathrow, so everyone have a good weekend!
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