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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Next Trek - still reserving judgment
australia, ocean
"Star Trek" enlists Saldana in Uhura role

I'm not sure I can handle Sylar as Spock? ;) There seem to be some flashbacks in store, since Nimoy is also credited as Spock so far on IMDB...at least that's something...

What sucks is the Christmas Day 2008 release...due to rare extended family time even more precious than Trek, it'll be the first Trek movie I won't see on opening day, and my in-theatre Trek movie viewing starts with Star Trek V...*sigh*

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I think he'll do okay. I enjoyed his work as Sylar. He does repressed dysfunctional anger well.

It wasn't a question of acting ability, it was more a fear that he would be a good Spock...it's my personal Spock-lust vs. Sylar-disgust I'm not sure I could reconcile... ;) Kind of like Ralph Fiennes' hotness as Voldemort? haha...

Seems like a very young cast, I wonder if they're going to set part of it in Starfleet Academy or something?

I have to think he'll make a pretty good Spock.

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