brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

Halloween Recipes finally updated!

Hooray! After 7 years of no new content on Britta Blvd, I have finally updated my Halloween Recipes page as of tonight! :D There are about twice as many recipes as 2000, so I even had to split my table of contents into two columns. :)

On that note, since they're still under development they're not on the public recipes page yet, but Batato Chips from purple potatoes are a success, plus some Savory Spiders with Gooey Guts are in the works as well. The Mojitoes are okay as-is, but to hold together in the toe shape, the gelatin takes about an hour to dissolve in the rum & soda mixture, so that's not as successful as I'd hoped. I think they'll still be funny as a pale green toe sitting in a skeleton hand goblet with a clear lime soda, mint and rum drink. :) Speaking of drinks, glow research has begun, with the best glowing edibles so far being bright blue tonic (blech!) and chartreuse-yellow B-vitamin-tablet in water (double blech!) so I'm searching for more things I'd actually WANT to drink...even though mixing those together does give a very nice glowing aqua teal color... ;)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!
Tags: halloween, parties, recipes

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