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Detours off Britta Blvd


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Halloween Recipes finally updated!
Hooray! After 7 years of no new content on Britta Blvd, I have finally updated my Halloween Recipes page as of tonight! :D There are about twice as many recipes as 2000, so I even had to split my table of contents into two columns. :)

On that note, since they're still under development they're not on the public recipes page yet, but Batato Chips from purple potatoes are a success, plus some Savory Spiders with Gooey Guts are in the works as well. The Mojitoes are okay as-is, but to hold together in the toe shape, the gelatin takes about an hour to dissolve in the rum & soda mixture, so that's not as successful as I'd hoped. I think they'll still be funny as a pale green toe sitting in a skeleton hand goblet with a clear lime soda, mint and rum drink. :) Speaking of drinks, glow research has begun, with the best glowing edibles so far being bright blue tonic (blech!) and chartreuse-yellow B-vitamin-tablet in water (double blech!) so I'm searching for more things I'd actually WANT to drink...even though mixing those together does give a very nice glowing aqua teal color... ;)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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Thank you so much! I just adore your recipes!

I don't suppose it would be as easy as 'Mccormick Neon Food Colors And Egg Dye' (sorry, safeway.com won't let me deep link directly to it).

Also, can't recall - did you say you tried Power/Gator/Kool-aid? I think all 3 of these have some bright blue 'flavours.'

(BTW: Used to mix blue koolaid with cheap vodka in CAMB and call it Windex, but we never had a blacklight at those parties so can't speak to it's glow properties.)

I have a whole list of what doesn't glow so far but I wasn't boring LJ-land with those. ;) Powerade blue & Powerade green are unfortunately on that list.

I googled "fluorescent" not "neon" and haven't seen those neon food colors in any stores locally, even the specialty cake decorating store. "Neon" doesn't guarantee glowing in black light but there is a chance, so I'll see if I can acquire some of those to try. Thanks!

*Bowing to the Goddess of halloween!

I found your web page while I was looking for idea's for my halloween party. YOU, my dear, are IT!!! I was impressed with your food idea's and absolutley floored and amazed at your previous partys!

If can only hope my party goes as well. (on Oct 27, just like yours)

We are doing an indoor/outdoor party as well. You have given me GREAT idea's!

Question - you mention your headstone game... could you tell me a bit more?

We are doing "The Graveyard Cafe" I'm going to put small tables and chairs throughout our "graveyard" I need some head stone idea's.

Thanks for all the great idea's. I'll send you some pics after our party.

Hauntingly Yours,

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