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Poor Briata got rear-ended this afternoon pretty hard. My neck already hurts, I can only open the trunk from the inside release because the back bumper is pretty thrashed out of shape, and worst of all the key will shut off the car but not remove itself from the ignition no matter what I do. I was able to drive it home, so it's in the garage with the key still inside, but locked with my spare key from the outside. Thankfully the guy who hit me had already gotten through to his insurance, who called me while I was still on hold with mine. They've already agreed it was 100% his fault so will handle the whole claim. There's a place they referred that is about a mile from my house, so I will call in the morning. I really really really hope it's only the bumper and not frame damage, plus that they can mix their own paint to match my custom color (1994 Chevy truck/van Royal Teal Bright)...but the key not removing from the ignition is scaring me more. I wanted to keep the Briata forever! :(

My usually-stellar memory isn't helping me remember the name of the chiropractor in San Mateo/Redwood City area who took care of my whiplash so well back in 1996-97, but I'm hoping to track that down and get in Tuesday, since my head is killing me already because of my neck.

This was not my plan for this afternoon...too much to do! I had planned a fun update with all the cool project stuff my dad & I got done yesterday...sorry it's this news instead!

Tags: briata, car

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