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Detours off Britta Blvd


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Gah, don't you hate it when you catch a cold when you really don't have the time? Forcing myself to take it easy is really hard when I have so many projects looming...but I was able to get to bed "early" in Britta-time the past couple nights at least (which means midnight), plus a 2-hr nap after leaving work a little early yesterday...trying to stick to my Zicam routine since that usually helps immensely, but my energy is zapped completely. Unfortunately due to important meetings for work this week, I'm not able to work from home until Friday. With any luck I will still have a voice for recording with The Choral Project on Friday evening...so far so good...

As for project progress, I have trimmed & curled Jessica's wig, finished Roger's yellow gloves, and started the red overalls, plus completely carved 5 gravestones and the stone coffin designs and begun painting gravestones...so I'm not too far behind. :) I still have the really cool gravestone to finish because it requires extra layers of foam, so I've kind of been avoiding it for the sake of continuing progress on the other projects.

Before I got my cold, Monday started fine...on his whirlwind (and I mean that!) nationwide tour of ACFEA meetings with his big boss, our tour courier Nick was able to stop by on Monday for a very quick visit... I consider it an honor that his one evening in the Bay Area when he had to fly to LA at 3:30am the next day and was already completely exhausted from meetings in 8 cities cross-country in 7 days, he wanted to visit the Choral Project rehearsal! I took him to rehearsal, which surprised everyone & got quite a reaction... :) We left really quickly so as not to interrupt rehearsal even more, since we had to get him something to eat and back up where he was staying at a reasonable hour. Poor guy was so tired he was a bit loopy. ;) We were all disappointed, including Nick, that he couldn't stay longer this time, but at least we got to see him! He thinks he might be able to visit California again in February, hopefully for longer, so we'll see...

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*healing thoughts*

Foo on your cold! I know some people who swear by Airborne, a vitamin cocktail (works like alka seltzer, so fun with fizzing, too!), to prevent colds, or assist in the processing of a cold. It's available at TJ's...

I hope you feel better quite soon!

Thanks for the healing thoughts... :)

I've heard other people use Airborne, but I'm not big on the fizzy... ;) Zicam is a similar homeopathic remedy, not available at TJs, but more available now at Longs, Albertsons, etc...Zicam is mostly zinc (zincum gluconicum according to the ingredients?), so the theory is the same as the zinc lozenges...a high concentration of zinc directly at the site accelerates the infection. Anyway, a few years ago when I had singing gigs EVERY weekend in December, starting with solos for my cousin's wedding, for which I got sick 2 days before, and kept getting something new each week because I could never rest inbetween, Zicam kept me going the whole month, so I've been a believer ever since. :)

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