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australia, ocean

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poor Kylie
australia, ocean
Yesterday she was fine, but this morning Kylie's right eye was fully dilated & non-responsive to any light. :( I can't tell if she can see out of it since her other eye is thankfully fine. The rest of her face was okay, ears, whiskers & such, and she can walk fine, but who knows if something worse could be wrong with her, so after I got to work after the chiropractor, I called the vet but the only appointment they had was today at 1pm or wait until Monday. So that meant I basically turned around to drive home & am now working from home the rest of the afternoon...thank goodness again for a nice boss! She said "Isn't this enough stuff going wrong for you yet?" I agreed...

Kylie has also been sneezing with what sounds like nasal congestion for about a month now, not getting better but not getting worse, so I asked them about that. I also think she might be drinking more water, but I don't think her weight has significantly changed. Hard to tell about the water since in previous places her water dish wasn't as visible to me every night. She has never had any major problems in the 11.5 years I've had her, but she has had her basic checkup & shots every December. An interesting cottonball dropping & throwing test to see which eye was responding was kinda funny, even Kylie was intrigued at the beginning, but was inconclusive. Her weight was pretty much the same as last checkup, but they recommended bloodwork & urine sample, liquid antibiotics by syringe into the mouth for the congestion (yeah right!), and wanted to check her eyes thoroughly, so they took her into the back and wouldn't let me with her. Boy that was heartbreaking to listen to her, knowing that was her meow and that she was in pain, and that I wasn't there to comfort her... :( They weren't able to get the urine sample by needle they were hoping for, so we'll wait on that and only try again if the bloodwork comes back with something warranting further testing. Even the same fluoroscein testing for any corneal abrasions that I get from my eye dr every year, but all was clear for that, plus no foreign objects in the eye.

What they did find was the pressure in the bad eye is through the roof, which is glaucoma. The pressure in the good eye is completely normal, but without knowing the cause of the glaucoma, we don't know if it'll spread to the other eye. It could be caused by a trauma, which I have no other evidence of that anything happened to her yesterday, some other underlying cause, or an infection, so they've prescribed an ointment for me to smear on her eye twice daily to see if that helps. If no progress, depending on the bloodwork too, they need to refer me to a specialist for anything further on the glaucoma. Just under $400 later, we left, and I've given her the first attempt at the oral antibiotics, got most of it down but with a big fight, so she's under my bed now, with no way I can try the eye ointment until later. I has asked if I could put the antibiotics in her wet food, and that's okay as long as she eats it all at once. I think that's going to be the better plan or I'll just have a kitty who hates me.

I just want my kitty to be comfy & happy. I've been a wreck today trying to figure out what I might have done wrong to cause this, which I know is silly because she's at least 13 years old, so things are bound to happen, but I also don't like being reminded that she won't be around forever. All that plus having to hear her meow in pain at the top of her lungs through the door & down the hall had me demolishing a tissue, trying to hide from anyone seeing silly me crying. *sigh*
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Yes, I did see that yesterday...very funny because it's so true... :) Thanks for the squeeze...

I'm so sorry, hon. It's so hard when pets start to develop health issues with old age. I'm not there with Paulo, yet obviously, but he's 9 and a half now so I know someday that may change. I remember going through this with childhood pets, and it's hard.

I will hope for the best. Kylie is a good kitty and totally worth the time and expense to make her more comfortable.


Thanks...I think this seems harder since it was the whole family for other pets, not all on me for taking them to the vet or deciding on treatment, but this is just me responsible for Kylie, and it's just been her & me for so long now...

oh, sweetie! i'm so, so sorry. that's horrible to hear ... i am hoping for the best. it's heartbreaking when they're in pain -- they're like little babies, totally helpless and totally dependent on you. kylie is a precious little dear, and i really, truly hope she's okay. big, big hugs to you from a former cat mummy (and current cat-sister). xoxo

I'll be thinking good thoughts for Kylie. I also hope you are on the mend, too. Yes, we all agree that you are getting too much misfortune right now.


I'm so sorry to hear you're worrying about Kylie, on top of everything else. It's NOT silly to cry over a cat! Take care of her and yourself. I'll be sending warm thoughts from up here in the cold.

So sorry 'bout kitty...cuddle her for me...
Yeah, I think you've filled your quota for bad stuff happening to you too.

Positive Healing Vibes

Thinking good thoughts for little Kylie - when I got home Ariel was unsure as to why she got such extra attention....

Cats are Family, tho' they usually don't want to admit it on their part.

Oh, sweet Kylie kitty. There's nothing easy about kitties getting older. I know what you mean about not having the family making decisions - it's just you - but Kylie is in good hands. Plus, you know you have a big kitty-companion support network!

- 5-cats fishgirl


i love checking in at your site, and am so sorry to hear about Kylie, i hope you both are feeling better, you take care you two and i hope she is up to being your supervisor at your halloween party this year you both take care... Many Blessings...ami

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