brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

eBay update

The eBay seller replied this morning that they had purchased the ebook with "full resale rights" so had no idea permission wasn't given. I replied that eBay will still take the listings down as a violation, but if they would give me the contact details who they purchased from, I would follow up to explain to them as well. No further reply yet. I'm fine to leave it at that & I've already saved a search to get email alerts for anything from that seller. All 4 listings are already gone from eBay.

Another email came in this morning saying she read a blog that had 3 of my recipes but no credit so they thought I'd like to know. Yep, they were my recipes all right so I submitted a comment saying they were verbatim from my website & here's the link. The blog author replied very quickly & apologetic, since he purchased that content that claimed to be "unique" and said he obviously was lied to since he checked out my page. He offered to take down the post but I said a link & credit was fine, so he's already updated. This thief seems to have wider distribution than I knew, but there's only so much I can do. I don't want to spend my time policing the internet for theft of my ideas...I'd rather keep creating more ideas!

So, a bit frustrating, but the GOOD points in this are that I'm popular enough to steal from, plus I actually have "fans" that are watching out for me, otherwise I would never have known about these in the first place! After I thanked her profusely & let her know what was going on with the blog author, the lady this morning replied she's glad she's done her good deed for the day! :)

I'd really much rather post about my Halloween party prep progress but I've been too busy with actual work...maybe tomorrow...? The genereous but no-longer-blue-haired Angie (aelfsciene) is coming over tonight to help me out, so that will be fun!

P.S. I just checked, and my October ad revenue as of right now is $444...bringing the "Halloween season" total (Aug 1 to current) to $734! Nice! :D Don't worry...I'm prepared for it to drop back to only a trickle as of Nov 1st...
Tags: halloween, parties, recipes

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