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Halloween party prep progress

Busy & frantic of course! I've done a lot so far, but since I wasn't able to do as much the first couple weeks of October as I'd planned, I'm very behind from what I wanted to do this year. Some projects are being postponed yet again, but a couple I'm holding out hope I might just be able to finish them before Saturday night...especially since Thursday night not only will I probably have aelfsciene's help again, but also an eager teen Alton Brown & Duff Goldman fan! Hooray for house-elves! :)

Sorry no pix since I haven't had the time to organize or upload, so you'll just have to wait until afterwards... :)

Halloween party prep progress so far

already done!

  • all foam stone painting done, including better aging technique & new crack detail, for new gargoyle entrance columns, new entrance archway, patio walls, chapel walls & bell tower - big thanks to Ruth who came over for a couple hours on Saturday afternoon and painted the base coat on the columns for me! :)

  • shed doors completely painted - functional & beautiful! Thanks for all the help, Dad!

  • cauldron & tripod with stand ready on patio

  • extra table out on patio already with canvas tablecloth

  • my devil costume is finished - best name so far is Incendia (courtesy of Angie) but I'm still not quite sure

  • configure both webcams for broadcast & upload

  • 7.5 dozen witches fingers safely in their airtight tin

  • 6 dozen pumpkin pasties safely unbaked in freezer

  • 9.75 dozen gravestone cookies baked and iced (thanks for helping Angie!)

  • black & flesh candles into holders - thanks Angie!

  • 22 dozen tiny meringue bones (19x7 fit on each cookie sheet)

  • guest bathroom completely decorated

  • living room stuff out, Catoween tapestry, pillow covers, but needs arranging

  • new hardware & padlock on treasure chest

  • Mad Scientist glowing drinks testing pretty much done...neon food coloring didn't glow either, so we're restricted to blue tonic & green B-12 really, unless I get the chance to cook spinach tonight to see if that juice really glows red. None of the spinach juice containing drinks I bought ever glowed.

    still to do

  • finish the Name that Tune quiz - just need to edit 2 soundfiles into clips

  • cleanup & decorate screened patio/bar area

  • design & paint back window stencil - might have to be postponed but I'm holding out hope!

  • finish painting lace curtains - this is going slower than I thought so only one curtain panel is half-painted - I really hope this doesn't have to be postponed!

  • set up mad scientist display - after major food prep is done, since table space required, especially with helpers!

  • set up graveyard - no earlier than Friday

  • test new fog machine w/ chiller - backyard or front yard?

  • set up pirate corner in backyard - no earlier than Friday

  • make mojitoes as many times as I can - only 9 toe molds - trying some as rum jello shots & some without

  • all gelatin body parts (brain, heart, hands, eyeballs) - Thursday evening

  • cut & bake Batato Chips - Thursday evening

  • form & bake Savory Spiders from dinner rolls - Thursday evening since I'll have help

  • mini cookie cutters for sliced cheese - Thursday if helpers are fast?

  • all fresh food - Friday night/Saturday afternoon

  • sleep at some point? heh...

    I probably won't get to post again until after the party, so I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    P.S. Kylie is taking her medicine like a good kitty but neither the sneezing nor eye is better or worse...
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