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australia, ocean

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hyperthyroid under investigation for Kylie
australia, ocean
The vet called back & said the bloodwork from last week was fine, no diabetes or other issue, except for high thyroid levels, which would explain the excessive drinking and pressure in the eyes. To confirm they needed more blood, and then I'll need to go to a specialist next week. I took Kylie in for another blood sample as soon as I was off the phone with the vet, and thankfully she didn't yowl so that must have been better than last week. That is all I can possibly do for her today, since they wouldn't prescribe anything for her until the next blood test results are back.

Since there's nothing else I can really do for her now except give her cuddles, which is difficult when she wants to hide away from the light, I will keep her comfy and safely away from party guests tomorrow, then get her to the specialist ASAP next week. There are 3 treatments: lifelong medication, surgical removal of the thyroid (riskier since intrustive surgery), and best chance is radio-iodine chemotherapy, which is a week stay at the hospital then she'd be fine. The chemo only works in some cats, though, so the specialist has to determine if she's a good candidate. At least I know there are treatments, and we are well on the way to knowing what it is & how to fix it. It's still a little hard to be as enthused about the party as usual, but I have done all I can do for her today, which is really the best I can do for her right now.

Melanie was vacuuming for me while I was at the vet, which was even better for keeping Kylie calm since she hates that, and Kael was helping with Batato Chips too. Their afternoon timing was impeccable for keeping party prep going while I zoomed over to the vet. I am VERY thankful for helpers this year!

Back to party prep now...thanks for the good thoughts for Kylie...

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Zoe has a slightly overactive thyroid, and she's on methotrexate for that. (I think that's the right name) My vet recommended this pharmacy in Texas that does compounding, so they mix it up into treats, which she gets once a day. *SO* much better than trying to give her pills - I'm sure we both know the joys of pilling a cat. :P

If that's the diagnosis, let me know, and I'll give you the pharmacist's info. It's also apparently way cheaper than it would be around here...it ends up being something like $30 every couple of months, I think.

oh, britta! {{hugs}} i'm so very sorry to hear this. poor little kylie! :-( it's good that the bloodwork is fine, at least ... the big scary kittie diseases sound like they've been avoided -- fingers crossed the blood test yields good results. i didn't realise cats could have chemo for things other than feline leukaemia. but as you say, you're very close to finding out what's wrong for sure and how to treat it (and there are multiple treatment options avaialable). so all of that is hopeful. try to hang in there -- i know how hard it is, especially with the party tonight! wishing both you and kyle all good thoughts ... try to have a good time tonight (i already know the party will be a smashing success!) and please keep me posted. xo

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