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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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australia, ocean
8:05pm, 5.6 centered in Alum Rock outside East San Jose, so not very far from me. Biggest one I've felt I think (Loma Prieta I was in Davis and felt it but it was just rolling since we were so far away). My whole house started shaking, glasses rattling, and I crouched on the ground by the couch & watched my china cabinet & the mad scientist display rattle for a full 30 seconds but NOTHING EVER FELL! After the shaking stopped it was rolling for awhile more. Looks like everything is okay outside, a lightweight candle chandelier still swinging on the patio, but the only things that fell were the crystal ball off the piano, onto carpet so not broken, and from the high shelf in my bathroom, my plastic box of heather from Scotland which mashed the corner a little, and a pillar candle that didn't even break, just a wax mark on the toilet seat as it fell. My lamppost outside that has blown over & broken so many times didn't even fall over!

I hope everyone local is okay too...as it started I was wondering if my house was going to fall apart and I don't have earthquake insurance, adding to my October woes! Thank goodness it wasn't!

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Felt It

We were at Cheesecake Factory in Marin for Stephen's birthday. I thought it was just someone shaking the table or getting up from the booth - but then my Mom said, was that an earthquake? Then we saw the glasses hanging in the bar were swaying...but it definitely didn't feel like 30 seconds here! :-P But yeah, not centered up here so we didn't get the worst of it. Glad you're okay!!


oh my god! what ELSE is going to happen to you this month!? seriously! thank god you're all right!

Hmmm. I didn't feel a thing while at Crepeville in Downtown Sac. I'm so very glad to hear there was no significant damage

Great googly-moogly, Britta! I was *this* close to driving down there with a fleet of priests and a water truck and we're hosing you and your dwelling down with holy water.

I recommend that you spend tomorrow being as festive as you wanna be, and yet safe. And by safe, I mean envelop yourself in a large foam polyhedron.

But I guess the powers that be decided to finish your month off with a tectonic thrill ride.

That'll do. I now demand to the PTB that you have the rest of the year progress with peace and joy. I will it be so!

Large foam polyhedron? Damnit, you've challenged me with a new costume for tomorrow but not enough time or supplies on hand! ;)

Thanks for the belly laugh...I cracked up when I read this!

I'm pleased that I was able to purvey some morsel of amusement. :D

Well, you can always make a large foam polyhedron costume in Christmas Colors in a few months. ;-) Call it a hollyhedron, if you will. ;-)

I thought it was kinda fun. I was outside, getting out of my car. Downtown San Jose... some rolling and jiggling and then quiet. I haven't felt any aftershocks.

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