brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

Happy Halloween!

Sara, a former Choral Project singer now living in Italy, let me know yesterday that my Halloween Recipes page appeared on one of the Italian blogs she reads daily, including my photo of witches fingers. Yes, they link to me so it's all good. Very cool! Thanks Sara!

I'm Britta, Webmistress of the Dark today, refreshed from the older version by keeping the web cape with collar and spiderweb fishnets, but using my long satin choir dress, spiky spider eyelashes above & below the eyes, spider velvet choker & spider earrings. I was even able to give myself a quick black sparkly manicure last night too, and I'm wearing my black sparkly beaded shoes instead of my plain black pumps. Hopefully I'll get a good photo today and it might be my updated Halloween icon since the other one is way back from 1999. I didn't realize until a co-worker spotted the kitty fur, but since the cape was hanging by the scratching post for so long, Kylie is with me in costume today. :)

So far today is good. Before I left for work I got the call to pick up the Briata tonight since it is now running "cherry" including freeway driving, and after our earnings call yesterday our stock has shot up $16 in one day to $116...crazy! I hope this good news continues to break my unlucky streak. I am ready for good things to start happening!

Hope everyone is having a Happy Halloween!
Tags: halloween, kylie

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