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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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On our way!
Well, not quite obviously, but close enough! Melanie & I are currently waiting for Jeff Ouye to arrive to pick us up to get to the airport...not surprising to any of you who know him that he's the one not here yet when he wanted us to LEAVE by noon... ;)

Anyway, I'm all packed, hope I didn't forget anything...at least my bags aren't as heavy as Melanie's! heehee...(granted, she's staying for 3 extra weeks, but still!)

Thanks to blackwiidow (Fionna), I have printed out the location maps of the easyinternetcafe.com sites in Edinburgh, York & London...but then it'll be the luck of the draw for internet access the rest of where we're going... :)

Until next time!

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my pleasure -- and bon voyage! :)

Bon Voyage!

Bon voyage, Britta! Have a great time! :-) -- Kael & Lisa

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