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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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save the date
australia, ocean
Halloween 2013 will be the 20th anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas, so I will do my entire Halloween party ENTIRELY in the theme, including skeletal reindeer with coffin sleigh on my roof, Jack's experiments, Sally's potions, monster wreath, etc, etc...I will resurrect & improve my Sally costume for the occasion as well. I will warn partygoers in advance so hopefully they can all come in NBC costumes, with prizes for the most original and most obscure. I need an occasion to do this rather than just any old Halloween, otherwise I might do it earlier. I've been tempted many times over the years, but I feel I'd need to do the entire party in the theme otherwise it won't work, since it'd be too Christmasy vs. Halloweeny.

Can you tell I just got back from seeing The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D? If you have the chance, go see it, since the 3D is awesome, and seeing it again on a big screen there were details I noticed in the background that even _I_ had never noticed before!

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I want to come!

Here's my plan: Either have another baby well before the end of October next year, or be really pregnant, so I get the time off work, and win the lottery - second "prize" should be sufficient. Oh, maybe the top one after all, so we can fly the hearse over for the occation. Hmm. Or put mechanical legs on our bath tub and come in that...

This is fantastic! I love the idea, and will do anything to help out that I can. I'll have to start thinking about costumes, too!

Hmm...I was just reminded that 2008 will be the 15th anniversary...is that a large enough occasion for this much effort? I'm not sure...plus I had other Halloween ideas already for next year! *pondering*

(BTW, I had already thought last night about the 13th anniversary being a cool year, but that was 2006 so I missed that chance...)

zOMG! Can you imagine...

... what Disneyland (and the Haunted Mansion) will look like that year?

Re: zOMG! Can you imagine...

Well, who knows, since 2003 was already the 3rd year of Haunted Mansion Holiday but they really didn't do much for 10th anniversary stuff. I think I got a 10th anniversary t-shirt in Le Bat En Rouge, but that was about it.

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