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officially disappointed? maybe not...

No, I cannot accept Spock's mother as a Vulcan, regardless of the actress. If they try to make his father the human one, that negates all of the wonderful Sarek performances, and if Sarek stays, then where is Spock's angst about his half-human nature, and his overcompensation to be "more Vulcan than Vulcan" to prove himself? *sigh*

Winona Ryder Goes Trekking

Seriously, they are messing with my favorite family in Trek. I'm very disappointed in this news. :(

EDIT: latest from reported incorrectly, which is obviously what E!Online used...

11.09.2007 Winona Ryder Cast as Spock's Mother

...Daily Variety has reported that Oscar-nominated actress Winona Ryder has been cast as "Amanda Grayson," the first human wife of Sarek, in the new "Star Trek XI" movie now in production under the direction of J.J. Abrams. (The article states that Ryder will play "the Vulcan mother of Spock," but this error was corrected in the print version of Daily Variety this morning.)

Okay, I'm back to reserving judgment until I see the movie...
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