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new kitties Ebony & Onyx
Since all the bathroom prep work got done this weekend as planned, plus my online Humane Society research resulted in that I'd probably not be able to take kitties home the same day anyway, I decided to go look today at lunchtime at the Peninsula Humane Society. My co-worker volunteers there and last week had found the most adorable litter of black kittens on the website. With my completed application in hand, I went looking. I saw 4 from the same litter, 2 boys & 2 girls, in the same cage, with one rambunctious boy having his own party while two were snuggled together so tightly I coudln't even see what they looked like, let alone if they were girls or boys. I chose the two girls' info tags and waited about 20 minutes for them to bring them to a room for me. Adorable! Not only had they just woken out of a comfy sleep, but it took them a minute to get used to the room, but then the larger one was immediately into everything with a spirit threatening to outgrow the room. The smaller one who seemed more gentle was just biding her time, since I saw the gleam in her eye watching the other one until she finally pounced across the room! I was laughing aloud they were having so much fun playing with each other! I was able to pick each one up individually and cuddle each to my chest and they didn't fight, so that's good too. Full of spirit and curiosity but still gentle enough to cuddle is exactly what I want in my life! I was thinking over the weekend of names for matching black kitties, so I was prepared with names I liked, but I had to meet them before deciding. Ebony is definitely the slightly smaller one who so far seems more graceful, but still full of spirit and mischief. Onyx is bold for sure. I think the names suit them but have enough dignity for when they grow up. :)

So let me introduce to you Ebony & Onyx! They are 2 month old sisters, medium hair black cats with beautiful pumpkin orange eyes! They will be spayed on Wednesday at the Peninsula Humane Society in San Mateo then I will take them home that evening. I can't wait! Now I have to go around kittyproofing my house better before they come home! Just my purse on the floor got attacked immediately by Onyx so no more of that for awhile! ;)

My new kitties Onyx & Ebony!

Of course these will never replace Kylie...they are just the next generation... :)

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awwwwww. :) just reading that brought a big smile to my face and happy tears to my eyes. congratulations!! *hugs*

Oh congratulations! they look so adorable!

So cute!

Awwww... That says it all.

-Kevin C

I'm so glad you found kitties right away, when I lost my childhood cat of 16 years, the best thing that helped me get over Lucky was having a friend bring me Elliott. :)

Hooray! I can't wait to meet them.

- Robin


They're really adorable!!!


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