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Foiled by the weather? Nah!

Not me! I was out in the drizzle Sunday morning aging the "stone" walls with spray paint and my garden hose for the Halloween entry facade! Hey, I was using water anyway, so I just put on my swimsuit instead of getting clothes wet and aged the stone coffin as well...take that, Mother Nature! ;)

Saturday was basically a bust for Halloween work...I met with a realtor on Saturday at 10:30am, and after looking at a few houses, then returning a fog machine to Party City (found a better model w/ timer at Albertsons of all places!) I didn't get home until 3:30! After that was Louie's birthday dinner at his house, so all I got done before dinner was the cutting out & gluing of the "spectacular" gravestone, so at least that is really getting made... :) Who knew a remote control flying saucer would leave a bunch of thirty-somethings laughing so hard most of us were in tears? haha!

I did start sewing Roger's ears after making the wire construction for them Saturday night, inbetween frantically stashing things under the patio overhang outside or indoors when the rain started pouring down around midnight, which put bedtime at 2am after not a full night's sleep because of an earlier start due to the realtor I decided for the sake of really defeating my cold that had retreated by Saturday, I would get one full night's sleep so I got up about 10am...and woke up to more drizzle! After my swimsuit escapade, the aging technique did have to dry properly, so I brought everything back under cover on the patio. The rest of the day was restricted to indoor work. I did successfully use watered-down brown acrylic paint to darken the fake wood paneling on the entry door WITHOUT making the paneling flake apart due to moisture or coming unglued, so I am very pleased with that now! I painted the backs of the other gravestones and engraved the "big" one, painting what I could of it since I still needed to glue the last bits of decoration on as well, which means waiting for white supertacky glue braced overnight with masking tape. I'm hoping to paint the rest of that gravestone & touch up little chips from last year's gravestones tonight after rehearsal, then tomorrow evening I can go back to the aging fun with my hose & the spray paint... :)

Roger progress:
blue bow tie with handstitched yellow polka-dots - DONE!
yellow gloves - DONE!
green tail patch & fluffy cotton tail - DONE!
oversized yellow buttons - DONE!
red overalls - DONE! (all this & above waiting assembly on Ben to be sure of proper placement)
ears and internal wire frame - ears & pink lining sewn, frame in place
hood/head - started (pattern cut out)
feet - still need to start! the head is obviously a higher priority!

The nicest part is that I'm finally done with all the foam mess, so I can clean up! ahh...picked up most of the foam bits by hand, since I'll need to do the thorough vacuuming later anyway...

I also got out most of my Halloween boxes from the garage when the rain stopped around midnight, since it's forecasted for rain the next few days as well, so I took my chance while I had it so everything wouldn't get wet on the way into the house. I actually have two boxes of stuff that I won't be using this year! heh...

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