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Yeah I took over a hundred photos since yesterday afternoon, but I only posted 68! hehe...that's why they're in a gallery album so no one is forced to look at all of the photos...but they are SOOO cute!

The Humane Society called yesterday morning saying the kitties have a cold so were not allowed to have surgery, so they are on antibiotics for their sniffles, then once they're well, hopefully a month or so, they can come back for their free surgery. If the antibiotics aren't working within the 14 day grace period, I take them back to the post-adoption clinic for free. Ebony doesn't seem to have any symptoms but Onyx is the one who is sneezing & has goopy eyes a bit. Thankfully they are agreeable to the syringe in the mouth method, so I was able to give them their medicine last night & this morning just fine. The cold isn't slowing Onyx down at all which is good! They warned me that kittens with sniffles can't smell their food so might not eat enough to recover properly, but I convinced Onyx to eat once I figured out if they wanted to share dishes or not (they do NOT!), so that's all good too. They both even used the fancy litter box last night, and I ran its washing cycle this morning with the door shut, and that worked fine too. So far so good!

Even though I can tell them apart it is much easier with different collars on them. I bought an aqua collar and darker teal collar, both happened to have rhinestones, so that's how I'm not playing favorites. How could I have one be teal & the other be a lesser favorite color like purple? ;) Ebony has the aqua collar since it's leather, but Onyx got the darker teal "unshreddable" one, since she seems much more rambunctious. I had to poke 3 extra holes in Ebony's collar and it's still big, but they will grow into them. They have been microchipped which I need to register online for a fee, but I got them ID tags for their collars already too. I had missed the little kitty collar jingle so much around my house!

I had to wait almost an hour for their medication before we could leave the Humane Society, but co-workers wanted to see them before I took them home, so they had fun playing in one of the cubes for awhile and fun ribbon dangled for them while everyone said "awww!" The ride home was horrible traffic, so mostly slow, and Ebony was quiet & calm as can be, but Onyx was telling me all about it the entire way! I haven't heard her meow since we've been out of the car, but she definitely has a voice when she wants to use it! I haven't heard Ebony meow at all yet. We'll see how they grow up, since I like to talk to my kitties and for them to talk back to me. Maybe if I meow enough to them they'll start talking more. :)

We barely got home before the altos arrived for sectional, and first & foremost before singing was meeting the kitties! I am keeping them in my bedroom with attached bathroom for now while they get used to my house. Ruth took some photos of me with my new kitties (thanks Ruth!), and they were fine amusing themselves while we were singing with the piano in the other room. Hopefully the early exposure will make them musical kitties!

After the altos left, I gave them their medication & fed them, then I watched them play for awhile, laughing the whole time. Even my mirrored closet doors were fun, since they kept thinking there were more kitties out of the corners of their eyes! Since I haven't been storing anything under my bed, it's a whole other playground for chasing each other & wrestling since they're just the right height right now, but I couldn't get any photos of that. Of course they had found the pile of unread magazines under my bed, so I started trying to sort the pile while they were playing, hence the paper mess on the floor in some of the photos. The scratching post with the cubbyholes was the absolute favorite though...all the cubbyholes got tested by each cat throughout the evening, and the game for several house and continuing this morning is "attack the kitty in the cubbyhole" complete with flying leaps and scrambles up the side, trading places who is actually in the cubbyhole. I wish I was small enough to join in, but I guess I'll have to be satisfied with watching & laughing... :)

Onyx was pooped by 11:30 and found the comfy bed I had made for Kylie years ago that I had put in a new basket to be bigger for them. Ebony was calming down in a cubbyhole, then I saw the gleam in her eyes looking at Onyx like she was thinking "Hey, that looks much comfier!" She jumped down & snuggled in with Onyx, and they were there for the night, never waking me up all night. I had to get up early today for a crack-of-dawn meeting, so my alarm woke all of us up, and they were playing immediately. We'll see what happens when I want to try to sleep in! I would like them to cuddle with me but I might have to convince them of that. Since they were already sleeping so comfortably before I was ready for bed myself, I couldn't disturb them from such a peaceful first night in their new home. :)

For all you I Can Has Cheezburger & LOLcat fans, here's my best shot so far, but I have no idea for a caption...go to it!

Ebony, what are you doing?!?

Best game ever!

Don't let your first impression of shy & reserved Ebony fool you - she is quite the spirited acrobat!

Britta, Onyx & Ebony
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