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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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I've tried edit more before posting cute kitty photos, so here's *only* 35 more since Thursday evening...including kitty toys on tile their first night in the main house, my first lap cuddles on Friday night, both kitties contently listening to me play the piano Saturday night, and even Ebony walking along the keys, standing on the low register (for artistic effect?) before she continued along the keyboard! The first I heard her play was the highest "F, A, A" on her climb up to the top, but she doesn't stay long enough for any soundfiles though...darn! ;)

Ahhh...first kitty cuddles...even if it was mostly on my neck! ;)

Ebony "plays" the VISIBLE piano

Ebony, Onyx & I will be driving later tonight to my parents' house, where except for the traditional BBQ turkey that is my dad's job, I will be doing the cooking this year, since my mom finally came home from the hospital on Sunday after her heart procedure last Tuesday, but she isn't allowed to lift anything for awhile yet.

I am thankful for family & friends who supported me through a bad October, having a much better November, with new loving & fun kitties who allow me to enjoy my fond memories of Kylie without getting so sad that she's now gone, my whiplash almost gone, my Briata staying fixed, and my mom doing well after surgery! Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Amen, sister! Have a safe trip and may blessings abound from here on out...straight up!!

<----- hehehe Figured it fit a kitty or two....

I'm so glad Nov is going better than Oct. Even happier your mom is doing well, being home is the best thing. But man from experience the not being able to pick anything up is the most ANNOYING part of recovery. I kept reaching for things only to remember halfway through the reach that I wasn't allowed to lift.

"I will kill you with my cuteness...and also by choking"

Glad to see you happier again, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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