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Detours off Britta Blvd


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surprise - there's a guy in my life...
...and his name is Onyx! :-o

Last Wednesday my parents' neighbor came by to see the kittens, and she has experience with puppies & kittens and how difficult it can be to tell the difference when they're young...lo & behold Onyx had little extra "parts" appearing that were not there when I took him home the week earlier! He was as smooth underneath as Ebony back then! Well, there's a surprise! Onyx still works as a boy name at least, but I feel bad about calling him "little girl" for a whole week, plus the rhinestone collar he's wearing. He's growing faster than Ebony and he was larger in the first place, but that also explains the size difference and his more rowdy tendencies, including climbing straight up the flagstone gossamer walls Monday night! He is still the Purr Machine you can hear across the room, and he's still more cuddly than Ebony, even though Ebony has her very sweet moments, often concerning licking my hair or staring intently into my eyes, and usually follows suit with the cuddling once Onyx settles in.

New photos are here! If I ever get the chance to edit, I've taken about 2 hours of funny video per my mom's request to save their kittenhood for posterity, so I might post those on YouTube later.

Photo shoot attempt with silly paper cars from Mel's Diner as Onyx attacks Ebony from below

P.S. Tivo status is that everything is working now with the replacement unit except it can't negotiate the phone call regardless of any forum post ideas I have tried. Next step I guess is to see if I can use the ethernet cable and make the daily schedule call via my home network...which would require running a cable from my living room to my office which is no small hassle right now. I think I'll be thankful the writers strike is taking new shows off the air for awhile! heh...

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hahahaha! that's hilarious! well, who's to say onyx still can't wear a sparkly rhinestone collar, even if he is a boy? ;)

it sort-of reminds me of when my best friend's sister was pregnant with her second child. they had two ultrasounds, confirmed it was a girl, they sent out all the christmas cards signed "mummy, daddy, brother and isabella" ... and then out popped benjamin two weeks later. heh.

Yeah...and that's exactly why no matter how sure they say they are from how many ultrasounds, I always make a baby blanket that will work either way in case there is a surprise. :)

"Benjamin"? Heheheh... my parents didn't know my gender before I was born, and they didn't have a girl's name chosen. They were set on 'Benjamin' for a boy, but I could've been 'Rachel' or 'Hannah' or 'Stephanie' or 'Shaneequah' or God only knows...

I definitely like Onyx as a "boy" name, and don't worry about the rhinestone collar. He's just fancy. ;)

LOL! Oh my God that's hilarious...

And adorable. I still need to meet these kitties. Maybe Onyx will be 'fabulous' like me? ;)

Hah! This is why Sascha was named Gracie when I first adopted him. Sure, Sascha isn't the manliest of names if you don't know a lot of Russian people...

Based on my experience with female and male cats, the males are so much more affectionate. This means, with my two male cats, I have my work cut out for me. Forget about being able to read a book uninterupted when the lads want to take turns crawling on my chest for cuddles. Not that I will strenuously complain. ;-)

Hee hee! Sounds just like when I found out Gracie Bloomers was a girl, not a boy (f.k.a. Mr. Fuzzy Pants). She even passed her first vet visit as a boy. It wasn't until surgery that they found the truth...she's just that fuzzy.

Have to figure out when we can come meet them...

- fishgirl

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