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Detours off Britta Blvd


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enjoying my new sink!
Finally the right cabinet arrived! My parents drove over to attend our concert at Chateau Julien winery on Sunday, so on Saturday my dad & I installed the new brushed nickel faucet on the granite countertop after getting the CatGenie into the new vanity cabinet. Since the cabinet is 3" deeper plus about 4" taller, it is much more comfortable for me, and I even have more counterspace since the sink itself is also smaller...which the kittens also like, making it a bit difficult to get ready in the mornings with both of them wandering around playing with running water, batting the curling iron and sitting in the sink! The cabinet has only been modified slightly, with cutouts to accommodate the underneath power outlet, plus a slot just big enough for the cables to reach the water intake and the toilet. Luckily the only modifications to the drain trap were to shorten it towards the wall, so the CatGenie scooper doesn't hit, plus there's still as much room as Kylie had to use the litter bowl, so I think it'll be fine when the kittens grow up. I have the left door removed for now, since the kittens aren't big enough to pull the door open, but when they're big enough, I'm sure I'll be able to teach them how to open it by themselves. Kylie was smart enough to figure that out on her own, which is what gave me the idea of the cabinet-hidden litter box in the first place!

Master Bathroom Before:

Master Bathroom Today:

...and showing how the litter box fits inside, plus full inspection complete!

...and speaking of the inspectors, there are indeed even more kitten photos starting here!