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festive frenzy

Britta with the Head Elf & Santa

Last week the same day The Choral Project sang at Google HQ plus free lunch was the annual face painting by Britta at my company party, with my silly Ms Santa miniskirt outfit that I hear was inspected by the guys in the crowd while I ran up to claim my raffle prize...haha! Then yardwork in the chilly sun, two evening parties, a nice homemade Sunday luncheon, The Golden Compass, and 5 hours standing over a warm stove making 12 dozen krumkake was my weekend. Add to that my furnace stopped working late Saturday night, so I was actually appreciating the warm stove in my cold house! Thankfully I was right on the renewal date of my home warranty that I've now paid for year 3 up through next December, so what would have been a $400 emergency service to replace the gas valve was a $55 fee for the renewal fee of $456 of course, but if something else breaks I'll be ahead. My water heater drain valve seems to be leaking a little but still working so far, so you never know what might happen!

Kittens comfy on their Christmas stockings

Poor wet Ebony!

More kitten tales of course...

The kitties don't seem traumatized by their surgeries on Tuesday, so that's all good. They have both doubled their weight in one month to over 4 lbs each now, but Ebony has quite a round belly and she's only a few ounces behind Onyx even though he's so much larger overall. I'm guessing their surgery was first thing in the morning since they were so rambunctious when I picked them up in the afternoon - not groggy in the least! How do you convince kittens NOT to play? They were wrestling so hard at home I was afraid the glue stitches might pop on Ebony, but they're all fine, even though they weren't quite as coordinated as usual, which led to a lot of confused kitty faces over the evening as normal jumps up to chairs and things met with slips and falls. Since they were too curious about all my fudge containers that were clean & greased, I had to confine them to the much safer bedroom while I spent the entire evening making all my special holiday fudge. I decided to reward myself with a nice warm bath, so I ran the water with the door closed since I knew Ebony would have to watch the water run, and I was afraid in her clutzy state she might fall in. So far so good, then I got in the bath & closed the shower doors, but then I heard one getting into something I thought might be dangerous. I peeked out the door, and Ebony jumped right into the corner of the tub, but Onyx jumped up right behind her and pushed her into the tub! I was able to catch her fall with my bare shoulder so only her front half got soaked, not her incision, but my poor girl looked like a drowned rat! She is even tinier with no fluffy fur! She didn't seem to mind much and started cleaning herself. I set up the space heater so she could dry off in the warm air, but she liked it up on the bed on the down comforter better. Onyx was only a little wet on one side, but they both dried with more of a punk spiky look until I brushed them before bedtime. This is the second time Ebony has been drenched, the first time accidentally jumping into a thankfully-clean toilet right under my mother's nose, and somehow with her fascination with water I do not think it will be the last!

Onyx is not without his quirks. This past week he has a new game in the early mornings, when I would really like just a little more sleep. He already likes sleeping on my neck, or on top of my head on the pillow, which is nice & cuddly when my mouth & nose can avoid the fur, but then as soon as I stir at all, he starts snorting his nose in my ear, which could be a little cute if it was gentle, but this is wet snorting...and soon after the snorting, he starts sucking intently on my earlobe, really latching on hard, including kneading my face with his paws! Honey, you're not gonna get any breakfast from that! Lots of kitten stuff is very cute, but I have to tell you that is pretty darn gross and definitely not the way I'd like to wake up in the morning! ;)

Both kittens run across the laptop keyboard if I forget to close it, so several emails have accidentally been deleted and random characters typed, but only tonight has something legible occurred...this is from Ebony:


That appeared on my scratch file to do list while I was trying to do dishes after baking about 6 dozen snowflake sugar cookies, so maybe she's trying to tell me to stop working & sit down to give her a lap? Seeing that while I've been typing this she has indeed settled on my lap, I think I'm right... ;) Now Onyx is not to be outdone, since he's pawing at my animated LJ icon on the screen!

Amongst more kitty cuteness of course, coming up next we have our Choral Project concerts this weekend with the San Jose Chamber Orchestra, including my holiday party after the Saturday night concert, which is why the frantic baking this week between the evening concert rehearsals. That's what I get for attending 3 events last weekend instead of staying home doing party prep, but they were fun, and since I have until Saturday vs. Friday, somehow I think I can get more done...we'll see! After that I'm off work until the New Year, including Christmas in Seattle with family. I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday season!
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