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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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kitten update & Scrabble milestone
Finally time to post from I-5 driving through Oregon in my parents' new RV, ~100 miles south of Portland, still on our way to Seattle for family Christmas. My parents have a Verizon aircard USB modem that works okay but not super-fancy. I did try to set up a local Airport network from my MacBookPro so we could all share the connection, but I must not be doing something right since they could all join the network I made but not get online through it, so instead we just pass around the USB modem and take turns being online. My dad has become addicted to the Internet since he reitred in October...he gets the dirtiest jokes I've ever seen from his friends! haha...

Onyx & Ebony in their Christmas collars - they kept them on my whole party last Saturday night as guests came in shifts to meet the kitties...who were friendly! Maybe they'll be my party kitties?

A typical morning for me now - kitties everywhere! Challenging to use the sink & get my makeup on!

Ebony LOVES jingle bells! She kept stealing those ornaments off the tree & playing with them around the whole house for the entire evening!

Giant thanks to Cyd who is checking on the kittens every day for me while I'm away. I hope they don't forget me! I even set up the wifi webcam in my bedroom to be able to check on my kitties, which worked the first night, so my parents & I got to see them cuddling together comfy on the down comforter, but by Friday afternoon it had stopped working. I suspect the kitties stepped on the power switch on the power strip or were wild enough to unplug the webcam power...oh well! The ride is too bumpy for any detailed Photoshop work, so I still have yet to do my Christmas e-card with my kitties. That will be done when we've stopped so I can still send it out by Christmas Eve. :)

Last night as we were in the RV campground outside Roseburg, OR, my mom & I played Scrabble. I stayed about 20 points ahead the entire game, getting lucky with being able to put down 2 letters for 15 points several times, but she was able to use up all her letters before me so she caught up a little. Final score has been forgotten but was something like 261 to 250? This is the first game I've ever played where only a single letter was left! Check out the board!

Final Scrabble board - a Peterson family milestone to have only one letter left!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

UPDATE 10:30pm: the KittenCam is now working again! Thanks Cyd! :D

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Your kittens are adorable! Happy Holidays! And hey, an RV Ride up the coast sounds like a whole heckuva lot of fun. Did your parents get an hdtv for it?

Hey, maybe that I could have gone up by the T in WITS in the top left? You know, if you wanted to sneak it in. :O

RVs are fancy schmancy these days. I have an aunt and uncle who retired a couple of years ago and they mostly live in theirs. They seem to enjoy it; they've been to a lot of interesting places all over the US!

Edited at 2007-12-24 05:56 am (UTC)

Yeah, if I had another turn that was my plan, but since my mom went first & already had her last turn using all her tiles before I placed my other I in IS for 12 points (I had used my F for OF for 15 points my previous turn and only had IFI then), I didn't have any turns left to place my final I on the board! :) At least I only had a 1pt penalty & she had only a 2pt bonus. Could have been much worse if I had a high-point letter leftover!

Why can't "nici" be a word??? That would have been perfect. I'm SURE I can come up with a definition. ;)

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