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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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on the road again
australia, ocean
By the Thursday afternoon my uncle's family had all caught a cold so we were uninvited to Bend anyway. We picked a good day to drive today though, since rain all day but no snow, and Seattle is scheduled for snow again Saturday & Sunday. My dad is still not letting anyone else drive the RV even though he's complaining about being the only one driving, and I keep offering to drive! ;) We're south of Medford for the night, with wifi included at the RV campsite. My dad still insisted on using his Verizon aircard instead as I easily connected to the wifi & was showing them all Nora the Piano Cat I had just stumbled upon last night. Am I the last person to see Nora? I wonder if my kitties will play piano like that...haha! My mom & I played Scrabble again tonight after a yummy pizza dinner, but she caught up past my early 20 pt lead playing QUAD on a triple word score for 42 pts, and I was stuck with only one vowel each turn thereafter! I caught up so I wasn't so far behind & was able to play all my letters on my last turn - first time for me ever! - but she only had a G left which was only 2 pts, so she still beat me by less than 10 pts. This is two games in a row we've played until 1 letter left, which is shocking for us, but maybe it's a normal occurrence for more frequent Scrabble players? Since we play one game in a blue moon maybe we just don't know it happens more often. ;)

Tomorrow is hopefully all the way back to Roseville, but we still have to cross the Siskiyous and get past Mt Shasta...wish us no snow please!

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Britta the driver

If you could drive our '62 Ford Galaxie I'm sure you can drive your dad's RV!
Have a safe journey home!


Re: Britta the driver

Hey, if it helps... some advice: http://www.tripcheck.com/

Best website for travel conditions in Oregon & Northern CA. Every time I drive home from Medford I use it in the winter. -Ben

Yeah, my dad found TripCheck when we were first checking around while still in Seattle. He's been having fun watching the live webcams along I-5. ;)

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