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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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home again
australia, ocean
We had an uneventful drive back to California...well my dad drove the entire time of course since it was HIS new toy. ;) We saw the beautiful fresh snowfall over the Siskiyou Mountains as we drove on the clear & safe road, Mt Shasta stayed hidden behind clouds, and the worst driving weather was between Weed and Dunsmuir through Shasta National Forest, but thankfully the snowfall was light along with the traffic so no problems for us. The weather stayed misty the entire way back down into the Central Valley, much gloomier than bright snow, but Christmas was over anyway. ;) We got back at dusk with enough time to unpack the essentials, pack my car, and go to my brother's house for his presents and dinner out together. I left his house after 10:30pm but missed traffic that way, so I was back home with my kitties even unpacked before 1am. They so far have not gotten mad at me and are plenty cuddly & fun, but I also haven't left the house for any extended length of time since I've been back, since I was getting all my Christmas decorations packed away. We'll see what happens when I have to leave them to go to work again in 2 days!

Siskiyou Mountains in southern Oregon - taken out the RV window while moving on the I-5 freeway!

I now have all the photos in a Gallery album if you'd like to see how the giant front windows of the RV let me take a lot of pretty landscape photos while we were in motion. :)

Never fear, I will start the new year with cute kitty photos again. Happy New Year everyone!

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Welcome home! I'm glad you had a safe trip.

Touring the Country in a motor home sounds rather appealing. Except for the gas consumption part.

Yeah, the gas consumption is the worst. My dad mapped all the Costcos along I-5, but since Costco has a $99 limit per transaction, it takes 3 times around to fill up that tank, and we had to fill up in Medford each direction. Only something like 10mpg max is awful but you are hauling around an entire house. For total travel costs when you consider you are saving on hotels & restaurants it works out about even, but the fuel consumption does suck environmentally. The propane system is fairly efficient for the gas water heater, gas fridge, stove & oven, plus it runs the generator if no electrical hookups are available. There is solar available for running basic electrical while the RV is in motion when the generator is unavaiable & would just drain the battery, but the solar isn't enough to power everything. My parents aren't sure how long they'll keep it, but at least a few years to travel around to see the far-flung friends & relatives they haven't seen in so long now. There is already talk of an East Coast excursion to see a bunch of people that would be probably 3 months on the road.

Home Away from Home

Are they going to tow a car behind them to be able to get to out-of-the way places/ dinner out/ etc?

I know when I dove my Toyota-based U-Haul cross country I was gypped out of several sites due to even that one's size....

Re: Home Away from Home

Yep, they just sold my mom's car yesterday so they'll be looking for a used Honda CRV to tow behind the RV. They've "tried on" a couple, and the CRV is the only towable automatic that my dad fits in comfortably. :)

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