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New Year Kitties

Ebony & Onyx both must have had growthspurts when I was away for Christmas, since not only did they eat more food in 7 days than they had in 2 weeks for a month previous, but they were definitely larger when I got home! Ebony has been catching up to Onyx, even though she is still smaller. She has quite the round belly though! Onyx had already started looking like a teenager before I left, but Ebony looks more like a grown up cat now than a kitten. I missed them a lot, but they don't seem to have forgotten me, and they've let me sleep in three mornings now, so I guess they've forgiven me for being gone so long. I'm back to work tomorrow so no more sleeping in for me anyway.

When we were having an afternoon of Christmas baking & fudge-making, Kaelyn brought a sparkly aqua scarf to give to the kitties. They played with it a little that day, but since I left so soon I didn't have the chance until now to play with them with it...boy do they like that! Extra bonus for me that it matches their collars! ;) They have also discovered for some reason the fringe on the decorative blankets must be tasty, since they look like they're eating spaghetti when they're chewing on them...heehee...

I'm guessing I've had the first kitten-induced casualty though, since I had heard a big THUNK the night I came home and let them out to play, but I didn't notice anything was missing until the next day. My Deadly Nightshade canister that Jen gave me had been knocked down behind the fridge, cracking the lid into several pieces. I pulled out the fridge & rescued the pieces plus all the utensils that had been living in the canister, and yesterday I spent awhile with Super Glue getting the lid back together. It's not pretty but if that's the worst they do I'll be surprised & very lucky. ;)

Ebony loves the sparkly scarf...

..and so does Onyx. They take turns very well!

Ebony, the blanket fringe is NOT spaghetti!

Now Onyx thinks it's spaghetti too!!

Of course there are even more cute photos starting here.

Now since it's a nice sunny day, I'll be taking a long walk to a friend's house this afternoon to get myself some New Years luck by eating homemade black-eyed peas, greens & cornbread! The dieting will start tomorrow instead since I've unfortunately gained almost 10 lbs since Halloween...ugh... :P
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