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T-minus 6 days...?

Getting down to the wire - ack! The big Halloween party day is this coming Saturday!

Serious progress has been made, but I hate it when I'm still finishing costumes when there is party food to be made...let alone decorating! Ah, well, this happens every year... :)

  • All black ceilings are up (thanks Melanie for the extra hands!)
  • Most flagstone walls are up (foyer is all that's left to tape up)
  • All spooky portraits are hung
  • Wall sconces rearranged and replaced w/ black candles
  • Spell books set up on the piano
  • Tomato and pepper plants have been ripped out to make room for gravestones - they were done producing anyway
  • Graveyard fencing is installed
  • Gravestone placement done (metal stakes left in ground & flagged - it's supposed to rain again this week so the gravestones themselves are safely under cover)
  • Patio has been cleaned up (lots of foam scraps!) and rearranged for the party
  • Entryway facade has been anchored to the stucco walls around the sliding door
  • Entryway facade has been accent painted (thanks Melanie!)
  • Gargoyle Corner is on top of the TV this year, including the hanging gargoyle
  • Inside webcam is up, aimed & running
  • Both fog machines have been tested in place & covered against any possible inclement weather
  • Graveyard lighting setup has been tested (hooray for my new $40 lightpost!)
  • Costume voting & Name That Tune sheets have been printed and cut out (thanks Melanie!)
  • One batch sugar cookies has been baked (thanks Melanie!)
  • Witches Fingers dough is mixed up in the fridge
  • another batch sugar cookies mixed up in the fridge
  • Roger's head is FINISHED including painting the eyes! :D
  • Roger's overalls are FINISHED including the black yarn stitching and big yellow buttons!
  • Roger's feet are all that's left for costume work - woohoo!

    Off to bed for me...good night!
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