brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

another edible Hogwarts

From the promos airing this week on FoodTV, it looks like the Duff Goldman edible Hogwarts that Robert alerted me to awhile ago will finally be airing on Ace of Cakes in the next few weeks. Interesting how the form factor is very similar to my gingerbread Hogwarts, rectangular base, castle high up on the cliff with the cliff about as tall as the main body of the castle above it, but I think his is larger overall, and obviously out of gray fondant. His has more detail, like actual trees on the cliff, and mine was too small-scaled for the details I originally envisioned. Of course I also had a dayjob during more than half the construction of mine AND I was pulling together an entire gigantic party at the same time. I'm sure the design execution is so similar mostly because that's the most logical way to construct the castle, but I wonder how many people will now think I copied Duff for my gingerbread Hogwarts? *sigh* It does not look like his had lights inside though, so there! :P heh...of course it'll only matter if I ever get a real webpage online about my edible Hogwarts, otherwise it's only on my own blog/gallery & the Epicurious blog anyway...

Britta's edible Hogwarts

Duff's edible Hogwarts (from
Tags: hogwarts, recipes

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