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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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are you %^&#! kidding me?!?
australia, ocean
I got the Briata back last night with brand-spanking new transmission to the tune of $3500, tested it by flooring it down Lawrence Expwy shifting fine through all gears in 10 seconds or less before filling it up with gas, drove fine to work this morning glad I had my comfortable fun car back, got it washed at lunch so it was all pretty again, and to help my mood, I bundled up with gloves, scarf & jacket to drive home in the chilly dusk with the top down...when merging fro 92 onto 280 again, it decided to not want to shift AGAIN! This time it's just erratic, shifting when it feels like it, feeling like it's spinning in neutral when it doesn't want to shift. The check engine light caught a clue and came on about halfway home, and I caught the Miata guy when I called while still driving before he left since he had stayed late. Since I was trying to stay calm but was obviously upset as I was explaining the symptoms to him, he kept saying "we'll take care of it" and "don't even fill out the envelope since I know your whole story." Yeah you'd better know it by now. I have been very nice & civil the entire time, but honestly, if they try to tell me a DIFFERENT problem somehow magically appeared after REPLACING the entire transmission, I will rip them a new one on the spot. Back to my hazards on while driving carefully down 280 in the slow lane with an idiot flashing his brights behind me. Hel-LO, just go around me, I'm a HAZARD, hence the lights! I do not want this to become a trend. It is in no way fun in the least.

Cyd & I already had plans for dinner & Sweeney Todd, so I called her asking her to pick me up at the dealer instead of meeting me there, since I really needed some fun plans vs. just canceling. I was so mad & so disappointed that as I was sitting in my parked car in the deserted dealership lot waiting for her to arrive I broke down & sobbed for awhile out of sheer frustration. When she arrived, she asked if we should just go for drinks instead of a movie, but we decided to drop my stuff home, raid my pantry for provisions, then hit a slightly later show at 7:45, and she had two free tickets to use, so that was nice. So we arrived at the movie theatre with about 1/3rd bottle of Chateau Julien port, carmelized onion cheddar with crackers, and sweet potato chips, then scored a free small popcorn that we barely ate. Diet be damned, I'd had a bad day! One of the plastic cups we brought developed an unseen crack, so we ended up sharing the other cup taking turns with our sips, and the small artistic puddles of port that spilled on the floor before the movie started were a nice foreshadowing of the bloody musical, which gave me a good well-needed laugh. Too bad Cyd was already wiping them up before I got my camera out! I enjoyed the show, and I'm sure I'm not the first one to think "Is this Edward all grown up & gone bad?" and "How come Johnny Depp is at his hottest when all pale & moody with freaky hair?" ...or maybe that last one is just me. ;)

Now to try to keep my mind off the poor Briata so I can get to sleep at a decent hour...she was home in the garage for one night at least...sheesh...

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What can we do? Depp makes for a hot creepy psychopath.

I wonder what his wife thinks?(Assuming he's still married) Do you think she'll ask him to dress up as Sweeny one night? ;-)

Arrgh. I found myself biting my nails while reading this. NO FUN, and my feelings are with you.
(But, ooh, you got me looking forward to seeing Johnny Depp again soon!)

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