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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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leaving soon
I've never been in my cube at work in the middle of the night before, let alone on a weekend! In about an hour I'll be sharing a cab to SFO with co-workers as we take our flight to Miami for this year's kickoff trip. Last year was Vegas, and this year they say it's cheaper to send us on a cruise to the Bahamas instead! We sail from Miami on Monday, Nassau on Tuesday, private Royal Caribbean island Coco Cay on Wednesday, Key West on Thursday, then fly from Miami back home on Friday. Except for Key West we don't have any personal free time on shore, so it doesn't look like I'll get the chance to swim with dolphins at Nassau...too bad since I've always wanted to do that! I do wish I felt acceptable-looking in any swimsuit, but c'est la vie since there's nothing I can do about that right now anyway. Since I don't need it and connectivity is so expensive, I am NOT bringing a computer with me, which feels very strange. I think the last flight I took where I did not bring my own laptop was September 2005 to Scotland & London! Needless to say, live updates from at sea will be unlikely, unless I find some time and feel like paying a few $$ for a quick post. We'll see how it goes. If not, see you Friday!

P.S. Since it just was a matter of plugging the power back in, the KittenCam is working again for anyone who would like to peek at Ebony & Onyx. After a week with no accidents that I could find, Ebony peed on the down comforter again just as I was leaving the house tonight, so it's been cleaned best it can for now, doused with enzyme and with a rag towel over it, and the comforter is staying there as a barrier against my actual bedspread or linens being ruined if she decides she's punishing me. The joys of being a kitty mom! :P

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Not that you'll see this until you get back, but I hope you're having a wonderful time!

I was checking in on the kitties nearly every day on the kittencam and it was quite entertaining. Watching them on the kitty tower, laying on the bed, watching the towel that must have been on the spot that Ebony must have peed on move a bit every day and then disappear, plus miscellaneous bits of things that must have been turned into kitty toys move on the carpet in front of the bed. :-)

Hope your trip was a good one!
-Kevin C

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