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in good company?

I know stocks are not for the short term nor the faint of heart, but this is really discouraging, knowing my company is still doing so well & such high demand in the industry, even increasing 2008 guidance after scruntizing demand in the face of January's stock market mess, but our stock price is getting hammered so badly. The only reassurance is at least we're in good company. Google (red) and Apple (green) are showing no signs of growth slowdown either, just like us, and you can see we're all suffering the same pattern. Yeah Apple had some steeper growth in 2007, but still...

(no, that's not price per share as the Y axis but percent change over time, otherwise Google would make the chart unreadable)

It's one thing for investments I have purchased (like my measly few shares of Apple that at least have split along the way), since those are still long-term in my mind so I can ignore them as I should, but yet another with options that were intended to be part of my it sucks that I really should have sold at least some options when we were over $100 last fall vs. the $64.50 we closed at today! :P Small consolation that most of us were as surprised as me at the recent downturn, since my boss admitted to me that she didn't sell anything last fall either...
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