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Britta Skeeter reporting - Last Wizard Rock of 2007

Finally, more Draco & the Malfoys! Technically it's not the last, since it was for November 2007, but November & December just arrived in my mailbox today. I did not renew my subscription for 2008. Musically with the rough fiddle riffs the first couple tracks remind me of mid-90s Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds vs. the 80s rock style that made me a fan in the first place ("99 Death Eaters" rules!), but the variety is good. With all the different musical styles referenced in 9 short tracks it is obvious they had a great time with these songs. However, what made me seriously LOL was the cover text:

Draco and the Malfoys: Family
(tracks simply titled as Roman numerals I-VIII plus Epilogue)

This work is based on our exploits in The Deathly Hallows, the final book of the story of our lives. It consists of 8 movements, plus an epilogue that in our opinion seems a little tacked on and not as well written as the rest of the album. Sorry about that. Also, the violin in movement 7 is gay and in love with the tambourine in movement 4.

ROTFL! That is truly awesome. :D
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