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spring cleaning

After two whole days of marathon cleaning two weeks ago, I can walk through my garage & even walk to the shelves! It's nowhere near perfect, but once the city cleanup campaign lets me take the two bathroom sinks and the giant old TV to the curb, I can move the old wood paneling planks to my newly-hidden side yard, and I just might be able to park the Honda back in the garage. I think I'm very close! I took an entire Honda carload to Goodwill last weekend, probably about $200 of working old lamps, toys, home decor, etc, and I had a ton of recycling & trash to set out after being ruthless about saving some stuff I had been keeping for a long time.

I have also been finally rearranging storage in my kitchen. When I moved in more than two years ago now, my mom helped me unpack my kitchen stuff. Some is logical to me, and some just got shoved places to be out of sight, so this is a long time coming. In the past month I have rearranged my plasticware drawer so I can actually find things & put them away properly, and tackled several other cabinets so I can even put away my corningware that had been out in the garage in a box since I'd moved in! I hope this will help me keep things put away, since the kitties are sure jumping on counters a lot. I even finally put extra baking supplies in the decorative baskets above my hall closet. Hey I had stocked up on sales preparing for the gingerbread Hogwarts, so I still have bags of flour & chocolate cake mixes coming out my ears!

What cleared up some of the kitchen cabinet space was that I consolidated most of my specialty food decorating & candy making supplies into two portable kits. My old carryon roller bag now holds colored sugars, candy & ice cube molds, gum paste & tools, frosting tubes, extra disposable decorating bags, assorted birthday candles, candy rocks & blue cotton candy sugar. It will most likely stay in the garage until specific items are needed. The frequently-used & frequently-traveling kit, containing food coloring, food pens, luster dust, disposable bags & tips, is now in a little train-case style caddy that I acquired for free at a garage sale last month. After testing that my traveling essentials would actually fit, I decided as I was cleaning up the grunge & disinfecting it that I should make good use of my leftover teal spray paint. :) After the spray paint was finished, since the inside was pretty ratty-looking also, I covered the inside with contact paper so it would clean easily. Voila!

Portable specialty food decoration & candy making supplies

Essential traveling food decoration kit - yes it became teal only after entering my possession ;)

There's still plenty more to clean, but at least this is a good start!
Tags: organization, spring cleaning

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