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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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cube with a view
australia, ocean
It's taken awhile but I finally have my new cube with a view clean enough to show the whole thing. The weekend before Easter, there was a garage sale around the corner from my house, so I got the cute velvet upholstered chair for $10. It doesn't match the bean bag, but it's still purple, which is my second favorite color.

Compare my cluttered toy collection on the shelf behind me in my old cube, to what has now been edited down to my absolute favorites, positioned where I can actually see them instead of behind me, plus the first framed photo of Ebony & Onyx.

My Christmas box, a couple boxes of files, and the rest of my toys all boxed up are hiding behind the Initech sign. There are more photos in my gallery if you're curious. Yes that is an Initech mousepad as well, since my Equinix ones are ratty with 5 years of use. Initech is the company in the hilarious movie Office Space - "So you've been missing work lately?" "I can't say I've been missing it, Bob!" No, I didn't get one of the red staplers though. ;)

We'll see how long this "clean grownup look" lasts, since I've already put up a bunch of travel photos to remind me of fun times, edited from the previous entire wall of photos I had. I have a feeling I'll end up succumbing to having more fun stuff around me, since that's the stuff that makes me smile. At least since enough stuff is blooming in my yard at home, I've been able to bring in fresh flowers for 2 weeks now - last week quince blossoms and calla lilies, this time more calla lilies, lavender lilac, and pink false heather, so that's nice.

TGIF tomorrow again...hope everyone has had a good week!

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On Monday I move to my "cube with a view"...we're moving to the water side of the building so I have an amazing view of a harbor with lots of pretty boats. :-) Wheee!


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