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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Project Virgle
australia, ocean
I was getting ready to sleep just after midnight, so I decided to look for a Google April Fools. Nothing was on the main page yet, but I found the Project Virgle announcement on the Google blog. Heehee...The attention to detail across multiple pages of details about the 100 year plan for Virgle City on Mars makes this my favorite April Fools joke today, especially the joint Founders' Messages. Having the founders of Google say "Vir-jel" like Virgin in their video, but Richard Branson say "Vir-gle" like Google makes it even funnier. Yeah, the Google founders come off as geeks fumbling through a script, and Branson sounds like his normal self but what do you expect? ;)

Funny add-on...the Mars Society is proud they were referenced in Google's prank, and will be contacting Google just in case it wasn't all in jest.

Happy April Fools!