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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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australia, ocean
I only realized tonight that the reason my embedded blog only ever showed ads for copyright and water filters is because my blog content is a cgi call to LiveJournal, not HTML content on the webpage that includes the ads. Duh! Since Google usually ignores keywords in meta tags, I added a summary description of my common blog content at the bottom above my copyright notice. Let's see if the ads become more relevant after the Google spiderbots get a chance to work for a few days...

EDIT: only 12 hrs later and that's much better now...
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Had to laugh when I saw the Brita filters ad. It HAD to show up sometime!
love, mom


I'm still seeing copyright/legal ads - I do see the one water filter thing. Are you seeing something different or is it browser dependent? [I'm using FireFox on Windows].

-Kevin C

Right now I'm seeing ads for Party Recipes, Party Snacks & Recipes, Halloween Treat, Halloween Music, Kid Food Recipes, etc, and I'm using Firefox on Mac. It shouldn't be browser-dependent, and if you turn on ad-blocking, you won't see any ads at all, not certain types of ads. I have been forcing page reload though to make sure I'm not getting something cached.

Well, now from my Mac it's back to a bunch of copyright & patent stuff plus the water filter, but it's showing recipe links on my work PC, both behind the work firewall so should be taking the same transit out to Google. I guess it depends on some fancy AdWords bid process magic!

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