brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

a decade of ivy is done

The reveal isn't quite ready yet for the new kitchen decor, but I've done the major switching out of the ivy kitchen theme I've had for 10 years(?!?), washed & cleaned everything, and it's still a good quality set, so I'll try listing the large matching set on eBay since there are no listing fees through tomorrow. I found a good box, 15"x15"x9" and have crammed everything neatly inside with the towels serving as cushioning for the basket & ceramics, so it's as light as possible, and still about 10 lbs, so shipping is not insignificant. We'll see if I get any bids, but at least it's not costing me anything to try.

Wish me luck!

Tags: decorating, ebay, kitchen

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